Friday, May 29, 2015

30 weeks

I know this week is a little different but I couldn't resist putting this one. It was way to sweet of Dash looking at me like that. Kudos to my husband for capturing it. 

How far along? 30 weeks and 3 days. Time has flown by because we have been so busy but these next 9 weeks are going to go even faster for me. 

Total weight gain? 16 lbs and he is almost 4 pounds of that.

Maternity clothes? I am still in the need for a swimsuit. I have been waiting to order one because of the move but with the move being prolonged this long, I could have had it in by now. I have been wearing my normal swimsuits and they are working for me being at home but when I go out in public, I need to be more covered. No one wants to see all this. I do apologize to my family (Clemens and Lewis) because you're going to see a lot of this body this summer, rather you want to or not. Friends- don't worry. I won't put you through that torture :) :) :) 

Sleeping? I've slept great this week. It takes me a while to get comfortable and if I am uncomfortable, forget it. I have to move on and do something else. I was sitting on the couch last night watching tv and couldn't for the life of me find a comfy spot so I decided to just get up and stand. Then I tried it again and still didn't work so I just went and got in bed. I don't nap so I fall asleep really easily. 

Best moment this week? Finding out my sister in law Angie is in fact having a boy. She had a doctors appointment and since she found out so early, wanted them to be 100% sure about it now. And they were. I'm so excited. Another boy to add to the family. And get this, she already has a name. Jace Lewis Talbert. I can't even find one name I like or a name we agree on, let alone already have him named! 

Worst moment this week? Finding out we won't be moving this week but more than likely next week. I am so frustrated with all of this. We are waiting on one piece of paper from the IRS but because the IRS got hacked, they aren't releasing any files. So here we sit, waiting with a packed up house. The house we are buying is good to go. All of our paper work is golden. It's just the people buying our home is what the hold up is. I want to be in my new home and start working on my child's room! 

Do I miss anything? Running. I really wanted to go for a run yesterday with it being so pretty out but I can't even walk around the grocery store without having to use the bathroom twice. MM has been so low this whole time that he puts a lot of pressure on my bladder. Even my doctors are shocked how low he has been. 

Cravings? Peanut Butter. Bobby found creamy honey roasted peanut butter and I have been eating that by the spoon fulls. Mango's are on the top of my list to get at the grocery store. This week I got strawberries and they was awesome. Fruit hasn't really been something I've craved but the hotter it gets, the better it taste. 

Aversions? I haven't been very hungry lately. I know it's because the bigger he gets, the more he presses on my stomach and the smaller it becomes. So I have to remind myself to eat for his sake. Dinner has been a big issue for me. I eat a lot between the hours of 12pm-4pm so by dinner time, I just pick at my food. But I get a little hungry at 9pm, so that's where my rice cakes and peanut butter come in. Or a bowl of cereal. A BIG bow of cereal always works for me at any time of day. 

Pregnancy symptoms? The lack of being comfy. Peeing all the time. My hips are killing me. My legs give out some if I have been sitting or standing to long. 

Belly button? In but it is so close to being flat on my stomach. 

Stretch marks? None that I can notice. I am pale so if I do have any, they must blend in with my skin. Summer will only tell. 

Looking forward to? Moving. I keep saying this but it has to be this week. I don't know how much I longer I can wait. I wanted to be in by my shower so it has to be this week. I just want to do his room and sit in there and love it. And maybe a name will come to me. Who knows. This child may be known as MM or Mighty Mouse til we can agree on a name, even after he is born! 


So I have a month from today till my 30th birthday which means, I have another month to come up with my 30 in 30 list. If you don't know what I am talking about, go {here} and read about it. I have 18 things on my list so that isn't to bad since I know a few things will come up within the year I can add to it. Any suggestions would be great appreciated. Remember, nothing that can really harm me or kill me, I will have a baby at home that needs me. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Milestone Birthday Party

Saturday, Kristen held her 30th and Billie Marie's 1st birthday party at her mom's house. And what kind of Aunt/Sister in law would I be if I didn't show up with my camera. I know I look like the crazy chick that stands randomly behind you taking photos like the paparazzi but everyone is use to it, and I know they secretly love it cause I do my best to capture everything I can. 


The weather sucked but that didn't stop the group from partying it up. There were so many kids and it was loud and chaotic but that's what I love. Kristen got a margarita machine for the adults (minus us pregos) for her birthday part of it. They looked good :(  10 more weeks.......10 more weeks! 


Here is what I captured of the night. I tell you, I love Billie Marie so much. That girl has a string straight to my heart and she has her Uncle Bobby wrapped around her pretty little finger. Kristen got her this gorgeous dress that didn't last long, but lasted long enough for me to take pictures of her! Did I tell you how much she loves the camera? 

There is another little girl that LOVES Bobby. She is very shy to everyone else but when it comes to him, she is drawn to him. I told Bobby if she was 20 years older, we would be having some words. Her name is Andi and she is Broc and Julie Cordova's little girl. She has loved Bobby since she was a little baby. When she would come over to swim, she would search for him and stay with him the whole time. I had this premonition that we may end up having girls cause of how they are drawn to him and how good he is with them but that was wrong since I am having a boy, obviously. 
They sat here and did this for like 15 minutes or so. So sweet. 

Then came time for cake. I knew my girl would NOT let me down like her brother did. Kent fell asleep during the middle of his cupcake eating at his first birthday. But I knew she liked them because of our photo shoot. So we sang to her and away she went. She ended up eating almost all of it and smearing it all over herself. So great! 

After we sang to Billie, I heard Kent say, "Wait, we need to sing to mommy for her birthday!" It was so sweet. Instead of asking for a cupcake or what not, he already thinks of his momma first. this kid so much. So we sang to her. Kristen is so just so pretty, and kind, and funny and my life would not be complete without her. And look how amazing she looks! I'm so proud of her. She is down to her pre baby weight and then some. CrossFit has been amazing for her and such an inspiration for me after MM comes.

 What a great night. So much fun and being surrounded by friends and family is my kind of night. It was an awful drive home because as we were leaving the bad storm hit and I was nervous the whole drive home because it's no secret I hate thunderstorms but we made it home safe and sound. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blockbuster Summer Time

I love the movies. And I love to go to the movies even more and as often as I can. There are some movies coming out this summer that I can not wait to see. They are {including the trailers to them all}: 

San Andreas
opening May 29- Starring Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Paul Giamatti and Alexandra Daddario- Rated PG-13:
First off, I love The Rock. And you put him in an action packed movie, I love him even more. Bobby actually introduced me to this movie and I've been hooked since. 

opening June 5- Starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law, Allison Janney and Rose Byrne- Rated R: 
Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorite comedic actors. She takes each role on and is so funny. And I find it funny that they paired her with Jason Statham, who is your action packed ninja of a man. 2 opposite people but that is what makes it funny. 

Jurassic World
opening June 12- Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Judy Greer and Jake Johnson- Rated PG-13:
OK, I have been waiting for this movie since Jurassic Park 3 was over. And I love Chris Pratt. OMG.....I am so excited for this. It can not get here soon enough. I have seen all the Jurassic's in a theater and this one will be the same. Fun fact: my dad took me to see them all and I always ended up in his lap by the end of the movie. Wonder if I will end up in his lap at the age of 29.....we will find out in a few weeks! 

Inside Out
opening June 19- Starring Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader and Lewis Black- Rated PG:
I love kid movies. Especially when adults can actually enjoy them. This one looks like it will pull on a few heart strings. 

Ted 2
opening June 26- Starring Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Morgan Freeman and Amanda Seyfried- Rated R:
When I heard there was going to be a Ted 2, I just laughed. The first Ted is so outrageous, I couldn't imagine them tackling it again. But they did and here it is.

opening July 10- Starring Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm- Rated PG:
Again, kid movies that adults can enjoy. And the fact that you can not understand them and I want to take one home, makes me laugh even more. 

Paper Towns
opening July 24- Starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne- No rating yet:
There is something about this movie that looks so good. I love Cara and this is her acting debut as a main star but from the looks of it and the reporters who are talking, she is amazing. 

Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation
opening July 31- Starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Alec Baldwin- No rating yet:
Tom Cruise at it again. More action. More Drama. More Tom. 

And that my friends, gets me to my due date with movies! :) 

What movie are you looking forward to seeing? 
Is there one that isn't on my list that you want to see? 
Let me know! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm the healthiest I've ever been

Dear Diary, 

I read an article about how there are things that we do pregnant that we should do in our everyday lives and I thought I would share what those are: 

1) We take vitamins every single day- even when we aren't pregnant, we should take vitamins every day. It's a wonderful habit to start and thanks to this pregnancy, it's like clock work for me. I use to take pill prenatal's but I have now invested in gummy prenatal vitamins and it has changed my world. I grab 2 right before dinner and I am done! Granted I do take a pill form of Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin B-12 to help with my dizziness. I just hope I can continue to be this good about taking them after MM comes. Having it in a gummy form makes it so easy to remember and take. 

2) We eat better- I mean it's true. I consistently make sure I have had enough fruits, veggies and lean protein each day. I am going to invent the pregnancy diet and share it with everyone because if I ate this good and clean while I was not pregnant, I would have looked and felt better than I did. Stay tuned on this pregnancy diet thing I am's going to take over the world! 

3) We limit alcohol and caffeine- Alcohol can really harm a baby. There is no proof about how much is to much for it to harm, so traditionally we are told to just stay away for it for 40 weeks. OK....sure? If you like wine like myself, that's hard. I have actually done better than I thought I would (I have had about 3 glasses this whole pregnancy) because I know the effects it can have on my child and to know I actually could have caused it would crush me. But if we took the same idea and applied to our everyday lives, like limiting ourselves to 1 glass of red a night or only drinking on the weekends and doing good every other day, you would actually be promoting a healthy lifestyle. And caffeine...caffeine can stunt growth in your baby or even cause miscarriages and that is why they want you to limit it to 1 cup a day. Caffeine in general, is not good for you. I do know that drinking 1 cup of black coffee in the morning gets your metabolism going and that is good, but having 6 cups by 10am can lead to heart attacks, the shakes and addiction. It's just common sense people. 

4) We get smiles from everyone- OK so this one can't be helped when you are pregnant. Even when I don't want anyone to look at me or smile at me, it happens. But I have taken that into account and realize that even after I am not pregnant anymore, I will do my best to smile at more people. If you notice, when you smile, they smile. Pregnant women are already glowing and happy (most of the time) but people can sense that and see that so they smile. Learning to do that in everyday life, is something I am striving for. 

5) We can claim we are eating for two- So this is a fun one. I actually have never claimed it. I read somewhere to only add an extra 300 calories a day to help with weight and stretch marks. But people tell it to me all the time. They will give me extra "because I am eating for two". OK...sure, in reality I am but he honestly doesn't take that many calories away from me and if anything, giving him fruits, veggies and protein will help make him stronger than shoving cake down my throat. {GUILTY}

6) We get doors opened for us everywhere we go- this one happens even when I am not pregnant. I luckily surround myself with wonderful men, who have a lot of respect for women. But I find that even women will hold the door for me. And one time at a store, a teenager held it open for me and I thought how kind that was and then remembered it's cause I have this belly sticking out. I truly believe in karma so whenever I see someone who is in need or who is coming my way, I try to hold the door open. It's just polite. 

7) We get seats where ever we are- this is probably one of my favorites because honestly, who is that lazy to NOT offer a pregnant chick their seat. Unless you are crippled, hurt, have bad knees or back, pregnant yourself or feeding a child, you do NOT have an excuse. I like to stand a lot, it helps with blood flow and circulation for me, plus helps me on my poster, but the farther along I get, the nicer it is to be asked if I want someone's seat. 

8) We are always asked if we need any help and if we are feeling OK- it is so nice to know people care. I just wish people cared this much about each other when the belly isn't growing everyday. If we took half the kindness we show during these 40 weeks and applied it to the outside world, do you know what a better place this would be? {JUST SAYING}


Today MM is 30 weeks! He now starts the 1/2 a pound a week gain and with him being already 3.3lbs (as of last Wednesday), I am predicting at least an 8 pound baby if we go full term. He is the size of an eggplant, butternut squash or a cantaloupe, whichever app you decide to read. He may actually start dreaming now, and he can open, close and blink his eyes. He will start to be awake more and learn how to take naps, rather then sleep for a long period of time, be awake for a few minutes than back to sleep. And trust me, this child of mine already is hyper and likes to kick and move and turn himself. 

Love, Me 

Friday, May 22, 2015

29 weeks

How far along? 29 weeks and 3 days

Total weight gain? 15 lbs and knowing he is 3.3lbs of that makes me feel like I am doing good. I didn't want weight to be a factor with me but I know I'm just going to keep adding cause he's going to keep adding and with a little over 10 weeks left, I know the majority of the weight is about to happen so it makes me a little nervous. 

Maternity clothes? I just added a few summer pieces to my wardrobe that I so desperately needed. Like some shorts and a few summer tops and dresses. I still need to buy a swimsuit. 

Sleeping? Awesome. I went through a rough patch a few weeks ago but when it rains like this, I tend to sleep really sound. I don't really have time to nap, but I have a feeling once we finally do get in the new house and I do some days off, I will make time to nap. 

Best moment this week? Seeing my little Mighty Mouse on the sonogram and closing on the house we are buying. We are waiting on one piece of paper from the guy who is buying on our home but once that is in, we are good to finally sign all the paperwork and move. We are hoping for next Tuesday or Wednesday for the actual closing date and then either move Wednesday or Thursday. Fingers crossed! 

Worst moment this week? Again, I've had a good week. Minus the stress from all this house crap, it's been another tame week. 

Do I miss anything? White wine and my dad's margaritas. I don't know which one I will have first after this pregnancy. I have had a little wine being pregnant but it's been sips of other peoples and not a full one on my own. And I refuse to drink liquor pregnant, there's just no point to it in my book. Wine and beer are one thing, a mixed drink is another. I talk about my dad's margaritas so much....I might have to see if I can get permission to share his recipe. Oh and he makes the best guacamole but good luck getting that recipe out of me. That's a family secret. 

Cravings? Now I want my dad's guacamole! It's also been Peanut Butter, Chocolate Rice Cakes and anything sweet I can get my hands on which is bad because sugar doesn't sit well with me right now. I get the whole light headed dizzy crap and I feel like I am having a panic attack. So I really have to watch my sugar intake now. 

Aversions? Not really. Meat has been this whole time but I'm not at the point anymore where it makes me wanna puke. I eat it every night and have found ways to eat it during the day. Like chicken salad or tuna salad. 

Pregnancy symptoms? My right leg feels like I have done a massive work-out when in reality, I don't walk on the treadmill anymore. When I do, I have to use the bathroom every 15 minutes so I leave my post and when I come back, someone else is on it. Plus my gym clothes don't fit me anymore so I am waiting a few weeks for the pool to warm up and work out that way. I can feel my pelvic area stretching to accommodate my growing child and his entrance into the world. I know that's why my butt and legs feel that way. It's just hard when I get up from somewhere and try to walk and have to sit back down for a few seconds for it to adjust. 

Belly button? In and I don't see it ever coming out. I have a feel it will be perfectly in line with the rest of my stomach. I had a deep belly button to begin with so that's probably why. 

Stretch marks? None

Looking forward too? My maternity photo shoot with Mrs. Becca Egger today! I don't have anything planned and have no idea how they are going to come out but I know with her behind the camera, everything will be perfect. 

I will be taking Monday off for the Holiday but I want to say Thank You to all the military people who have served, who serve now and who think about serving. What you do for our country can never be repaid, except by Jesus Christ in Heaven. I believe God has a special place for you all by his side. Thank you for keeping our country a free one and for leaving your homes and family's to go try to keep peace. To keep terrorist off our door, to bring structure and security to our home. I wish you all the love and support I can offer. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been hectic: 

Our House- Good news: so our house has officially sold and we have officially found a house. Yay! Bad news: I have no idea when we are closing or moving. Each week is up in the air and it's becoming frustrating. There is so much paperwork that goes along with selling and buying a home. Paper's have to come from all over, like work, the bank, previous employers, etc. Then you have to deal with the loan people who are about to drive my husband off a cliff. It's something new everyday and we are just over it. And on top of it all, our oven went out last Saturday when we got home from the grocery store. So Bobby has had to grill every night. We were going to go buy a new one for the next owners, but turns out the realtor that is helping them, wants to go in on it with us as a gift to them so we don't have to do anything but give them some money. So that is a blessing. I love the house we are buying and I can not wait to show you pictures of it. If we ever get in it. I just told Bobby I want to be in by my shower so we have a place for everything to go. 

Work- Work is going great. I am loving this part time gig I have going on. And I love my new boss. He's so easy to work for and is really cool to be around. He always has a positive vibe and loves the Lord as much as I do. I used to sit out in the front lobby with my previous job title but because I am only in 2 days a week, they decided to put one of our new sales guys up there and move me into my bosses office. I love it. Even though I hate heights, I am loving my view. Notice all the pink stuff, it's what helps me get through my day. I love pink! Oh and you might notice the little things of peanut butter, it's cause when my blood sugar drops, I pull one of these out and eat it and I am good. And all the vitamins, I take 7-8 vitamins a day, all through out the day, plus my thyroid pill in the morning. 

Mighty Mouse- I had my 29 week appointment yesterday with the sonogram people and I was praying he was awake and cooperating but of course, he was sound asleep and had his arm over his face. We have yet to see his face full on! It's usually towards my back or to the side or he's covering it. He likes to show off all the rest of his body but not his face. He is making us wait for his debut I guess. He did stick his tongue out at us and that was hilarious. Already a jokester and already flexing. In one of the photos, he was flexing his arm muscle. She was able to capture it at the right moment along with his front/side profile. He is 3.3 lbs, measuring a week early and is perfect she said. He is in the 65 percentile for his age so we are going to have a BIG baby on our hands (according to the doctor). He seems to have my chubby cheeks and Bobby's nose. Bobby has the most perfect heart shaped lips and I think he has those too. I have big puffy lips and he didn't seem to have those but you can't really tell in these. Both Bobby and I were born on the 29th, so it would be really cool if he came on July 29th to match. I really wanted to see his face because I thought if I saw his face, a name would come to me. But I left the appointment yesterday still not knowing what I want to name this baby. I just want it to feel right and when I hear it or say it, it's him. Luckily I have a respectful husband and a patient husband who hasn't pressured me at all on it. He did find something on Pinterest last night that he wants to do for his room but would need his initials and he kept hinting at how he would like to make it before he comes and would need to know what to put. Sorry Boo....just not feeling it yet! 

This weekend is going to be crazy. We have packing to do, birthday parties to attend, memorial day to celebrate, may go fishing if the weather is good, figure out a day to close on both houses, all while juggling to stay calm and not over do it and remember that this time in our lives is blessed by God and to remember it all and be thankful for it all. If MM goes full term, we have less than 11 weeks to get everything ready for him not including the already jammed pack summer we have planned. 

Ugh......Bobby is mentally tired and I am physically tired and we haven't even gotten to the crazy part yet. Please pray for us in these next couple of weeks. I know after we move it will take a lot stress away, especially for Bobby, so I just keep praying for peace and calmness to be in his heart for us all. Lord knows he is the one who keeps our small family afloat, especially with my crazy pregnant self :) 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spa Day

Today was spa day at my house. And no, not for this momma. But for my pups. Dash sheds a lot and my husband was sick and tired of it. So we researched what you can do for pups that shed a lot. 

I read to make sure they have a really good dog food and clean water at all times. Already did that. They get very expensive food by Fromm and I refill their water bowl every other day. 


To give them a few healthy table scraps. Like chicken, red meat, a few veggies and some cheese. Nothing processed and try to stay away from carbs. Already do that. In that very expensive food I give them, I also add either some egg or leftover dinner. 


Bath them with really good, easy on skin dog soap. I already do that. Not as much as I should, but once every 6-8 weeks or so. But the last time I did it, the soap made Bullet extremely itchy to the point where he made himself bleed so I have been afraid to do it again. 


Groom them. I already......wait no. I don't brush them. Never have. Never even thought to take a brush to them. 

So this is what I am missing. Better soap and brush. 

So I researched and I researched and everything I kept coming back to, told me to look into this product called FURminator. B and I watched YouTube videos on it and amazing it looked. So we decided to spend a little extra and went for it. But I knew I need better soap for sensitive skin that had oatmeal and coconut oil in it. And thanks to Amazon, I found one. Viva La Dog Spa in Oatmeal. SMELLS AMAZING!!!!!!! No one can ever tell me I don't love and spoil my dogs. 

And yes, this 29 week pregnant chick did this all on her own! 

Here's how our spa day went. 

We went outside and got ourselves brushed real good. I tell you this FURminator brush is the best. They come in different sizes. We mainly got it for Dash but used it on Bullet as well. You can see after just one quick brush of his skin how much hair came off. 

Here is the new shampoo I used. It's a little girly but whatever. It smells great and works great. 

 I always do Dash first. He is the hardest to bath cause he's so much bigger. He doesn't mind it to bad cause I use my nails to scratch him and lather him. But he does know how to climb out of the tub so I have to keep one hand on him at all times or he will sneak his way out. 

Time for a rub down. This is his favorite part. He would stay under this towel for hours if I let him. He keeps going back under it for me to dry him off more. 

All nice and clean! 

And Bullet is next and where do I find him? Hiding under his daddy's legs because he knows he's next and he hates the water. But he is much easier cause he's smaller and where Dash takes a good 3-4 mins, Bullet takes like 1-2 mins. 

In you go Bully 

All done! And yes, Dash likes to help and make sure Bully is ok. 

Nothing like clean pups! These are their "I really don't like you right now mom" faces but oh well. They forget about it 5 minutes later. 

I also clip Dash's nails (I'm really good at it). Why spend money at PetsMart/PetCo when I can just do it myself and spend the time with them. I talked to them the whole time and even though they hate me for about 5 minutes, doesn't bother me one bit. 

For dogs that shed a lot, I read to brush them twice a week and after one of those times, to bath them. So we are going to try it. 

I found the FURminator for much cheaper on Amazon. Go the actual website {here} to determine which one you need and then head over to Amazon to find it. As well as the Viva La Dog Spa Shampoo. It does come in different scents but because of Bullet's sensitive skin, I stuck with the Oatmeal one.