Friday, October 23, 2015

30 in 30: 5: Texas Star

I have been going to the State Fair of Texas since I can remember. And out of all the times I have gone, there is one thing I have never done. And the reason I have never done it is because I am scared of heights. And anyway I can avoid it, I do. But because this is 30 in 30, I am learning to say yes to more things in my life. 

I sent a text out to my family asking them if I had ever ridden the Texas Star at the State Fair. That I couldn't remember riding it but it could have been something I blocked out of my memory. My mom told me she never remembers me riding it, only remembers Kara riding it. That I would have been too scared to do it. Which makes total sense. So I knew I had to add it to my 30 in 30. 

Fun facts about the Texas Star:
*Largest ferris wheel in North America
*Debuted in 1985....which makes it 30 years old. How cool is that? I do my 30 in 30 and the ferris wheel turns 30 with me! Makes it so much of a cooler experience for me.
*Built in Italy
*Has 44 gondolas, colored Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow & Pink
*Goes 20 stories high and you can see Downtown Dallas and Downtown Ft. Worth on a clear day

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 5: Texas Star

I was doing good up until we got in line. My mom, my sister, Landry and Kara's mother in law, Debbie decided to ride it with me. It cost 16 tickets ($8) to ride. My family kept me distracted by making me laugh and my mother even told me that if we fell, she would be my cushion. Thanks mom! 

Then she proceeded to tell me that if it was our time to go, it was our time to go which I turned to her and said "No...I have not had enough time with Brody. It's not time!" As we were approaching the place to give the tickets, the song Fight Song came on. Y'all know this is my jam. It's my confidence booster song and the fact that it was playing as I was approaching a fear of mine just gave me that extra boost I needed. I told Landry that I hoped we got a pink gondola. That would be really neat. So what does she do when we get up to the man? She tells him that her Ninny wants a pink one please. And sure enough, that's what we got! Gondola number 39! Kara, Landry and I sat on one side and my mom and Debbie sat on the other side.

I was really try to play it cool because I didn't want to freak Landry out. But deep down inside I was a wreck! And on top of it all, I had given Landry my over shirt so I was freezing! 
Here's the thing about the wheel. You get it in and it goes and then it stops and then it goes and then it stops. And it does this for 1 rotation. What they are doing is getting everyone in a gondola. And then once they get to the original person, they let it go. So you get to go around 1 more time without stopping. So you go around 2 times in all. All in all it is a 12 minute ordeal. 
So we finally reach the top and there I am. 

It was beautiful. It seriously was so pretty looking out and seeing everything around you. My dad had his eyes on us the whole time so every other minute I would look down and wave to him. His whole life was in one gondola so we knew the prayers to heaven were flowing! 

I was so nervous getting into that gondola but once I was at the top, I was so glad I did it. I am so glad I put this on my list to do. 

It really was a neat experience. As soon as we were done, both Landry and I ran into my dad's arms and hugged him tight. :-) I also texted Bobby telling him I survived the wheel! 

Thank you mom, Kara, Landry and Debbie for doing this with me and keeping me laughing the whole time. I love you all so much!