Wednesday, June 8, 2016

30 in 30: 17: Learn to Grill

You're probably saying to yourself....learn to grill? Why on Earth would this be on her 30 in 30 list? Because I do not cook. My husband does. And when I was thinking of things I had never done before, grilling came to mind. I told him I wanted him to teach me and by teach me, I mean I do everything, you just give orders (how in the world was he going to turn that down?)! 

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 17: Learn to Grill

He decided that he would teach me the basics of grilling. He got a steak, a chicken breast and some shrimp. He laid out all the seasonings and told me the steps to each one. First was the steak. I trimmed off the fat and then seasoned it. Then I butterflied the chicken and seasoned those. Then I peeled the shrimp, marinated them and loaded them on to skewers. 

Then it was outside we went. Full disclosure: I did have Bobby lite the grill. Playing with fire is far more dangerous than I care to deal with and for safety reasons, I felt much safer him doing it. So after he got it lit, I was up to bat! I loaded the chicken, then the steak and then the shrimp. I checked on them every minute or so, flipping them when needed. 

The steak was done first so it went to the top rack, then the chicken and then the shrimp. Who knew shrimp took so long! 

Time to plate it and eat it! I had 2 happy boys and to be honest, grilling is much easier than it looks. You do have to know temperature and know when it's done and stuff, but besides that, grilling is super easy and a lot of fun. It was nice being in charge of the food for once. I think Bobby liked the break too, even though he was teaching me.