Friday, March 31, 2017

Five on Friday

I swear Children's Place has the best and cheapest pajamas for kids! I love ordering him new ones. He seems to go through pajamas fast so I never mind buying him new, especially when they are only $7! They are cute, comfy and he sleeps so well in them! 

two. New park
Gabby and I found the coolest park. It's the main park at River Legacy in Arlington. They have it like a dinosaur park. The jungle gym is awesome and there is something for all ages. And big open fields to have picnics and to run around. Brody loved it! I did get a tad lost finding it (my GPS took me to the science center next door) but once I was in River Legacy Park, I was able to follow the signs to the playground. 

three. 13 Reasons Why
I am so excited about this show. It is based off the book by Jay Asher. It is on Netflix and was supposed to star Selena Gomez but because she felt so close to this project and loved it so much, she decided to produce it instead and hire other actors/actresses for the roles. Here is the plot summary IMDB has "Thirteen Reasons Why, based on the best-selling books by Jay Asher, follows teenager Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) as he returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers a group of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) -his classmate and crush-who tragically committed suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah unfolds an emotional audio diary, detailing the thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Through Hannah and Clay's dual narratives, Thirteen Reasons Why weaves an intricate and heartrending story of confusion and desperation that will deeply affect viewers." It's deep and dark and looks so good! 

four. Lunch with my boo
Bobby is having a guys weekend so it's just me and little. I took him to lunch today and he was so good! I love my time with him and the fact that he loves queso as much as me! 

five. Spider-Man: Homecoming 
Finally a Spider-Man that looks like he could actually be Spider-Man and not a 35 year old man! And this movie looks so legit. I was so excited when I saw it. And it has my man Robert Downey Jr in it so I'm there! 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Color Run 2017

Dear Diary,

I did the Color Run over the weekend and had so much fun. It seriously is one of my favorite things to do. Along with Kristen and Julie (who is the original Color Run crew), we added Kent (Kristen's son), Angie and Colton and my sister Kara and Landry. Having the kids this year was so much fun. They all did really well. Early in the race we somehow lost Angie and Colton and weren't able to meet back up with them to the end of the race. Landry was the most impressive. That girl has found her calling in running. Her and Kent stayed together the whole time. 

Every year I wear something different. And this I chose a onesie I had in my closet. This was probably the coldest color run I've done so I was very comfortable. The only problem with the pink, was that you couldn't see the color very well on it.

How perfectly precious are they? And I get to call myself their aunt. 

Here was the crew before the run! 

And here we are after! 

At the end this year, they had blue bubbles which was fun. They smelled like grape gum. 

During the race. I love this cause I have Trump hair. Makes me laugh.

A little before and after comparison. 

This year, on the bibs you could write what your dream was. I wrote "for people to treat everyone nicely". It's a big deal to me to be nice to people. You never know the kind of day people are having and it is so easy to be nice. I do believe in equality but equality, to me, is a hard thing to teach. So I find if I can spread niceness around, that all of the other things fall into place. You can believe in equality but still be mean. I think being nice comes first. 

Besides myself, Landry wrote on hers (I believe Kara did too but I didn't get a pic. We were the only ones). Landry wrote "to be a teacher when I grow up". I love that she already knows what she wants to do and she will make one fabulous teacher. 

I can't wait for next year. I am already thinking about my outfit. If you have ever thought about running it, come join our team. We have lots of fun and laugh almost the whole time. We never take it seriously and we all receive medals in the end. Just a word of warning, stay away from Julie and the color blue at the very end. She will turn you into a smurf! 

Love, Me

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Power outage

Having a major power outage at home. No blog today! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

On Sunday I went and saw Beauty and the Beast with my mom, dad, sister and Landry. 

I highly recommend seeing it.

If you have ever seen the animated film, you will love it. It follows the story completely, with only a few extra details that I actually liked (like how the beast became the beast and about Belle's mom for example). There were a few extra songs but they felt right and none of them were out of context. Landry did get scared in a few scenes that involved wolves and darkness but nothing to over the top. 

I felt like every single person they got for each role was a brilliant choice in casting. Emma Watson just screamed Belle to me, Luke Evans as Gaston was great (Gaston is a bit larger in the animated film so someone like The Rock might had worked better but Luke Evans is hot so its ok), Josh Gad as LaFou was right on point and Ewan McGregor as the voice of Lumiere was amazing. 

If I was allowed, I would have stood up and sang every song. I got goosebumps a thousand times, I teared up twice, I even clapped at the end. And the whole LaFou being gay...come on! If not one person had said anything about it, I would have never came to that conclusion. He is obsessed with Gaston in the animated film so for him to even less in this film would have been off. Yes, there is one small scene at the end where he dances with a man but again, come on! Who cares? 

I turned to my sister at the end and said "so people are boycotting this because of the"gay" character yet they are ok with a beast kidnapping a girl and then having her fall in love with him?" 

Don't be a boy-cotter. Go see it and have fun doing so. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Walking Dead Monday

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 15: Something They Need

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not watched or don't want to know what happened, STOP reading now. 

Tonight's episode starts with Rick's crew heading out towards Oceanside. Tara is explaining to Rick about them and how she made a promise to them how she wouldn't tell. He tells her she shouldn't feel bad for telling him.* Back at Hilltop, Maggie is teaching people how to crop. Rick and Michonne are talking as he helps her into a tree so she can snipe in case someone comes to close. Daryl and Jesus are laying an explosive trap while Aaron and his boyfriend chat about coming there. Jesus and Daryl are talking about Sasha and Rosita and he is explaining to him what happened. Sasha is in a holding cell at The Sanctuary. David comes to introduces himself to her. She ask for some water and he hits on her and she tells him to go to hell and headbutts him. David then tries to force himself on her when Negan comes banging in and accuses David of trying to rape Sasha. He says it's not allow here and David apologizes. Negan then takes a knife and stabs him through him neck. Negan tells his men to get Sasha a new t-shirt and apologizes how she had to see this. Negan says he remembers her and how she was there with Glenn and Abraham. He wants to know the truth, did Rick put her up to it? She calls Rick a bitch and says no. He hands her the knife and tells her its her's now. He tells her she can use it on herself or on David when he comes back to life as a walker. Negan wants her help since he's a man down. He tells her to take some time to think about it and wants her to know they aren't monsters. He closes her back in the cell. * Eugene brings Sasha water, a blanket and a pillow and she asks him how he's doing. He says they are keeping him safe and he brought her some stuff. He tells her he knows about Negan's offer and she should accept it. He talks about the night in woods, how it was the most scared he's ever been and that being there means he never has to be that scared again. He wants her to say yes to Negan's offer. She tells him to go. Eugene notices David is starting to turn and she tells him again to go. He leaves. David wakes and Sasha just sits there. Back at Hilltop, Maggie is gardening outside the walls. Gregory walks up on her and she ask why he's here. He says to talk. He ask her where her friends are and she says out looking for something. He wants to know why shes here. She says he needs a medic, isn't that true. He says to trust him and talk to him. She wants to be open with him and that its never to late to change. She ask him if he could stand guard while she finishes pulling something for inside and he says sure. He pulls his knife and stands over her, thinking about using it on her. Just then a walker comes up and he yelps. He says he needs to protect the pregnant women, not the other way around. He runs towards it but can't do it. He tells her to do it. Just then a walker comes behind him and they fall. He screams for Maggie and she runs over and kills it. A crew from Hilltop happens to see the whole thing and she tries to defend him saying he's still learning. They say that's not what they told him. At Oceanside, Natania goes into her cabin and Tara is there and pulls a gun on her and says hi. * Tara tells her to stay quiet and to put her hands on her head. Natania wants to know what she wants. Cyndie comes in and Tara says hi. Cyndie says Tara promised to not come back and Tara agrees that she did and Cyndie needs to sit. Cyndie ask her why she's here and Tara says she didn't have a choice. She needs her guns, they want to kill the saviors. Tara explains to her what happened. She needs Oceanside to help too. Tara says to please talk to Rick. Natania says no, that they might as well kill them. Tara looks at her watch and says its too late and some of Oceanside explodes. Michonne is in the tree to stop anyone who passes a certain point. They ask everyone to the ground and check them. Tara tells Natania and Cyndie to get up and Natania pretends to be hurt and Tara tries to help but she is over powered and Cyndie pulls a gun on Tara. Tara says her's isn't loaded, they didn't come here to fight. Rick is outside talking to everyone when Natania comes up with Tara at gunpoint. Rick says they will leave once they get the guns. Natania says to leave now. Cyndie tells her people what Rick wants to do. Natania tries to tell them no. Tara says they will win with their guns, with or without them. Cyndie tries to reason with Natania and she keeps saying no. Natania says she is going to kill Tara and then die and they will understand why. Michonne in the tree yells walkers to Rick and Cyndie knocks Natania out, freeing Tara. Ricks team then takes the walkers out with the help of some Oceanside women. Rick and Beatrice shake hands on being together but Natania says no to fighting, but they can take their guns. * Sasha is standing over Davids body when Negan comes in. Sasha tells Negan he's won and he says no, she wins. Negan takes the knife and tells her it is baby steps to trust. Negan tells her he knows that Rick is up to no good and she's going to help. But tonight she needs to rest up and enjoy. He leaves her to think. Gregory is in his office, drinking tequila, when he pulls out a Virginia map and calls for his assistant to drive him somewhere. Eugene knocks on Sasha's door and she tells him she needs something to take her own life so Negan doesn't use her as bait. Eugene agrees and then we learn Sasha is just playing him because she is smiling behind the door. Oceanside is handing over all their supplies and Tara tells Cyndie they will bring them back. Cyndie tells her some of them want to go but not all of them and it has to be all of them. They leave and Rick ask Tara if she is ok and she says yes, he was right, she doesn't need to feel bad. * Sasha is in the cell pacing when Eugene comes to her. He says he has decided to grant her request and he slides her a pill. She sees it and starts to cry while he outside the door is explaining to her what will happen when she takes it. He tells her he doesn't want her to go for the record and leaves. Ricks crew gets back to Alexandria and Rosita opens the door. They ask where Sasha is and she says someone is here. She takes them to the person and it's Dwight. Daryl tries to attack him and Rick stops him. Rosita says he wants to help and Rick ask him is that true. He says yes. Rick says ok, pulls a gun and tells him to get to his knees. 

Main points for this weeks show: 

  • I was totally wrong with it being Daryl at the end of last weeks episode. It was Dwight!!!!!! My husband and I both looked at it other when we saw him and were like "WHAT?!".
  • Sasha is alive! Yay
  • Poor Eugene. He was just trying to help her. I knew he wouldn't give her a gun or any kind of weapon. Even though that pill could kill someone and she could use it on Negan. Just don't know how or when she would get the chance. 
  • When that guy was about to rape Sasha and Negan catches him, I knew he was going to die. One thing Negan hates is rape so that guys fate was sealed. 
  • I kind of was hoping Oceanside would help them. They aren't the most trained but Rick and crew could teach them what they need to know. Plus Negan took their husbands. 
  • Gregory is such a wimp. Oh man oh man I can't wait to see his final day. He couldn't even protect a pregnant women. Not that women of Rick's crew need aid, but still. And I am so glad some of the Hilltop residents saw all of that happen. And if he does go to see Simon, Maggie just needs to step right in. Even though Negan thinks she is dead but with the season finale next week, does it even matter at this point? 
  • Dwight wanting to help Rick? Really? I am not sure what to believe right now with him. I know he hates Negan but to change sides that quickly, I just find it a little fishy. 
  • The season finale is next week and I have no idea who is going to die, who is going to take which side, what will happen. There are so many ways the finale could go and I just don't have a clue. I know which way I want it to go but that doesn't always happen. 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen. 

*=commercial break

Friday, March 24, 2017

Eight on Friday

Yeah Yeah Yeah....I know it's usually five but I couldn't narrow down my favorites from Galveston so there's eight! 

one. Moose and his Pop
My dad was a great help to me. He doesn't get to see his Moose a lot so when he does, he is all about that kid of mine. And by the end of the trip, they were best friends. 

two. Jax
So we know Brody loves dogs. But he hasn't been able to spend much time with Jax yet. To say they hit it off was an understatement. How precious is this? 

three. Hayden
For those of you who have not gotten the pleasure of meeting Hayden, you are missing out. His personality is like nothing I've seen. He's FUNNY and the things that come out of his mouth have me so in love with him. He is all about super heroes and has a new power each day. He loves to sing. My dad decided to stay home that evening with Brody so I could enjoy a dinner without a 19 month old child so I chose Hayden to sit across from. He kept me entertained all night! 

four. The Weddel girls
Of all the nights, of all the places, the Weddel's happen to be going to the same restaurant as us! How beautiful are they? Quick backstory for those who don't know: I was Campbell's nanny for years. She was even one my flower girls. But then she went off to school and no longer needed a full time nanny. When Tiffany got pregnant with the twins, Charlie and Henley, she asked me to come back to be their nanny and even asked me to be Godmother to Charlie. I was with them till I got married. To see where these girls are in life just melted me. Campbell will be going to Junior High next year and wants to do band and volleyball and the twins will be in second grade next year and love playing soccer and are really good from what I can tell. I love you Weddel family!

five. Landry
Landry was such a big help to me in Galveston. She helped with Brody whenever she could. He is like her baby and she just adores him. Not as much as I adore her, but that's why being an aunt is super fun! Landry has no idea how beautiful she is. She has a kind spirit about her and doesn't like upsetting people and I love that about her. 

six. Him
Brody Daniel Lewis. He just has no idea the amount of love I have for him nor will he ever understand it. By the end of the trip, we had mastered the art of eating at a restaurant. But this place was probably our favorite. Fisherman's Wharf. Their bread alone is to die for. Brody ate 3 pieces of it and then proceeded to eat the rest of Hayden's baked potato! We got to sit outside this evening and everything was just perfect about it. I got the lobster and crawfish pasta dish and y'all....just order it! 

seven. Boys
Hayden loves his Brobee. But he doesn't like when Brobee takes his stuff nor eats off his plate. And my kid is notorious for doing both. But at the end of the day, Hayden is a great example for Brody. He is sweet and kind and funny and if this is who Brody looks up to, we are miles ahead. I think they had a great time together. 

eight. The Big Three
My This Is Us friends with understand that. I love this picture because it just reminds me how blessed I am. How blessed I get to call them family. They might fight and not get a long sometimes but they all love each other and I pray they have a close relationship. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Dear Diary,

Day 1 and Day 4 of my Galveston trip was pretty much a car ride down and back. We didn't do much except drive. 

But on day 2 of my Spring Break Galveston trip, my sister had planned a fun trip to Kemah. Kemah is kind of like a boardwalk meets fair. It's about 30 mins north of Galveston and so much fun. I wish we had a Kemah close because Brody and I would spend a lot of time (and money) there. Everything is outdoors. It over looks the water. There are rides and games and lots of restaurants to fit any budget. There is a playground, a concert stage and water spouts. I only got 2 photos but was able to pull a photo from the website of the whole place. 

It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend taking your family there. The rides do cost (starting at $4 a piece and going up depending on which ride you choose) so be prepared for that. We ate at Cadillac Bar and probably one of my favorites places to eat. They had warm salsa, amazing food and even the children's plates came on like old fashion lunch trays! They were very accommodating to my stroller and the fact we had 3 children, so our food came out fast. 

I had such a great time in Galveston with my family. It was tough being there without Bobby, since Brody didn't sleep well nor nap and he wouldn't let anyone really hold him much except me so to say I was tired was an understatement BUT watching him with Kara, Hayden and Landry, seeing him cuddle my mom while she sang to him, seeing him laugh with my dad....that's what I hang on to. That's the memories I have from this trip! 

Love, Me

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

National Water Day

Today is National Water Day. 

You may not realize how little drinking water we actually have in this world. In the US, we have more benefits on how we get our water. But in every other country, water is like gold. And a lot of people actually die due to lack of water. Something so simple as water, can kill you if you don't have enough. It's a fact that 1.5 million children die every year due to water related illness. 

I have found this great Non-Profit Organization called Drop4Drop and they believe that everyone, everywhere has the right to clean water. I highly agree. 

Their website says this about them "Drop4drop funds sustainable clean water solutions to countries that need it most. We demand accountable, effective and efficient provision of clean water.

How do we achieve this? We employ local labourers and heavily involve the community in the project creating a sense of ownership and pride. We also provide maintenance training and hygiene education to ensure maximum longevity. Every project we undertake provides clean water to a community of over 1000 people who have never before had this privilege."

Consider donating. As little as $3 can give someone drinking water. Instead of your second Starbucks run (I understand the need for coffee) donate that $3 to someone who needs it to live. Who shouldn't have to walk miles just to get clean water. 

I am not donating to be flashy.
I am not donating to be showy.
I am not donating to shove it in people's face. 

I AM donating because if I can give water to just one child, if my small donation can support someone, that's what matters. That's what's important. Giving back. One small gesture can mean more to someone than we know. 

This is not a paid advertisement. I am not given anything in return for my promotion. I solely decide who I support. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bayou Wildlife Zoo

Last week, as you might know, I was on Spring Break. My family (minus the husbands) drove down to Galveston for a few days. My sister had each day planned out (one thing I LOVE about her, I never have to plan anything) and on day 3, had planned for us to go to a zoo. 

But not any zoo. A Wildlife petting zoo. And why start on day 3 of the trip, because it was my favorite and you all need to plan a trip to this zoo. 

It is $20 (for adults) and $10 (for kids 2-11) to get in and children under 2 are free. It is $2 for a bucket of food and they give you A LOT of food in the bucket. At Bayou Wildlife Zoo, you get a safari-like adventure throughout the park to get up close and personal with the animals. They have everything from buffalo to ostriches to giraffes to a white rhino. They have deer, a longhorn, crocodiles and even some animals I had never even heard of. All of these animals are rescued from some sort of situation, never just brought over for viewing. The man that opened this place is a billionaire and bought all this property for this reason. 

I took a lot of video so if you happen to follow me on Instagram, you might have saw. And I wish there was a way to upload all those videos so you could actually see what it was like. Luckily my sister is better at getting pictures than me so she was kind enough to share ones she got. 

My favorite thing was the buffalo coming up to us and eating out of Brody's hand. My least favorite thing was the Ostriches. I HATE Ostriches. Like with a passion. They are mean and nasty and could peck my eyes out or peck at my brain at any minute. You can ask my poor family how I was almost in tears at one point because I was so scared of them. 

I had given Brody peanut butter crackers and I totally wasn't thinking how some animals just get to roam freely and when I turned, this deer was eating out of the Brody's stroller. I am not sure if he actually at the crackers or was just licking what was left over but what was so cool is my son just sat there. Never scared, never afraid. Prolly would have asked me to take it home if he could talk. 

The big kids got to horseback ride. It wasn't for very long but it was fun for them. 

The Petting Zoo was also fun. Goats and pigs is all I can remember but I was chasing a 19 month old, so I don't remember if there was anything else. 

If you are traveling to Houston or Galveston, you should really make this a place to visit. Especially if your kids like animals. You can bring a sack lunch and eat it there. They have a very friendly staff and was just a lot of fun. Make sure to bring cash or check because they do not take credit card.