Monday, March 20, 2017

The Walking Dead Monday

Before we get started, can we talk about last weeks episode, Bury Me Here! Holy Cow that was as a good episode and so much happened and I do apologize if you come here every week to read these and realized I was on Spring Break. All I want to say is RIP Benjamin....literally broke my heart to see you die but I do Love what it did to Morgan. Morgan is one of my favorite characters and I love how that death turned him into something else. Am I sad he killed Richard? Not at all. He needed to die! Oh and now Carol is ready to go fight and knows the truth. It's about time all these cards start to get in a line in defeating Negan. 

OK so back to this weeks The Walking Dead. 

Reviewing: TWD: Season 7: Episode 14: The Other Side

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not watched or don't want to know what happened, STOP reading now.

Tonight's episode starts with Maggie at Hilltop teaching the people how to throw knives into a piece of wood. Sasha is sharping up her knife and looking sad. We see a sonogram of Maggie's baby and everything looks good. Enid makes Maggie some food as Maggie writes in her journal. Sasha is practicing her knife skills and teaching people how to use them. Jesus is scribbling something on a piece of paper and hands it to Sasha. It is the lay out of The Sanctuary. At dinner that evening, Maggie sees Daryl sitting by himself and she walks over to him to bring him some food. They don't speak. The next morning, we see Gregory looking out the window of Maggie talking with people. He drinks and sits down. As he looks out another window we see Rosita come in the gate. She walks over to Sasha and says she needs her help. * Maggie and Jesus are talking about how they feel like they belong here when Sasha walks up on them. Maggie walks away and Sasha goes inside the home and opens a book where bullets are hidden. Jesus and Enid walk in on her and ask her how she got a gun. She says Rosita. Jesus ask her not to go. Sasha says she is still going. Enid tells her she needs to tell Maggie and she says no. Rosita is going with or without her, so she's going. Maggie needs Jesus and Enid to help her, protect her. Jesus ask her of one thing, to talk to Maggie because they owe it to her. Sasha tells Enid that Maggie is the future of this place, so is Enid. Sasha gives her something to hold on to for her, it's for the baby. Enid tells Sasha that in 10 minutes she is telling Maggie, do with it what you want. Just as Enid comes out, a man starts banging that The Saviors are here. Daryl says they need to find Maggie and take off running. Enid hides them in a storm cellar. Sasha and Rosita make it out before The Saviors find them. Simon comes in and says hi to Gregory. Gregory ask Simon if he wants to go talk in their office, he has a bottle of Gin. Simon says he's a tequila guy. Simon says he is here for someone. Gregory ask who. Maggie and Daryl are hiding and find a deeper hole to hide in. Rosita and Sasha make it out ok and take off to find Negan. * Rosita is trying to start a car and notices Sasha necklace she made for Abraham. They can't get the car started so leave. They come up to another car and Sasha ask her how she knew how to disable a bomb. She said she knew someone. Rosita says she's not here to make friends. Sasha tells her her idea how they sit afar and sniper him. Rosita says no, they go in. Sasha says they won't get a second chance if they go in. A man is walking by the cellar and Enid comes over and try's to ask his help in carrying veggies. He corrects her by saying vegetables. Then he ask for her knife. He opens the cellar and looks around. Maggie notices he has Enid's knife and holds back her anger. Simon goes to see doctor Carson and tells him that Negan wants him and Carson ask why he needs two. Simon says they don't and stares at him. Carson realizes the other doctor was killed. He tells Gregory that his stuff is in order and what to do. Gregory agrees. Simon leaves them with a crate full of Aspirin. Gregory wants to talk to Simon outside. Gregory is afraid that his people will cause in upright and someone else might take over. He ask who and Gregory says hypothetical. Simon says he can come to him always and gives him a piece of paper saying to give that to the guard and he will let him in. * Maggie and Daryl are still hiding and the man keeps taking the food they have stored. Daryl goes to kill him because he get's close to their hiding spot and Maggie stops him. The man leaves. They come out and Maggie makes a comment about how he was going to kill him and Daryl says he deserves to die. Maggie says he hasn't said a word to her this whole time he's been here and to please look at her. He turns to her and starts crying and says I'm sorry. She say's it wasn't his fault. And she wanted to kill that guy too. But they have to wait and then hugs him. She ask him to help her win. Negan's men leave with the doctor and supplies. Sasha and Rosita come across walkers and light a car on fire to distract them. They climb over the fence and try to find a car to start. Rosita gets one and Sasha gets in. * We see Sasha looking through a sniper rifle at The Sanctuary. She sees Eugene ordering people around. Rosita is tying knots in a rope and Sasha ask her to teach her. She shows her how. Rosita looks through the rifle to see Eugene. Sasha compliments her on how she knows how to do everything. She tells her a story of the men she had in her life and how they taught her things they didn't realize they were teaching her. Sasha ask her about Abraham. She says she fell for him because he understood she could handle herself and he liked that. She gets upset because she won't ever get to tell him she was happy he was happy. They agree that it wasn't his time and how the man with the bat took that from them. They tell each other they have each others back. Sasha gets up to look through rifle and sees the cars pulling up. They notice the doctor and Negan comes out. She keeps trying to get a clean shot but can't. He makes it back inside and they hear Eugene on the walkie talkie that they needed more walkers and to bring them that evening. Sasha looks at Rosita and says change of plans. Rosita says we go in. * Gregory is in his office when Jesus comes in. Gregory says he has too many people in his trailer and gives him a list of jobs for the new people. Gregory threatens Jesus and says he can leave now. As Jesus is leaving the house, Daryl comes in and ask where Sasha and Rosita are. Back at The Sanctuary, Eugene is talking to a man about the walkers and the safety of the perimeter when a sniper shot takes out the man. Eugene falls to the ground and Rosita tells him to get up, she came to help him. He says no, he didn't ask her to come and runs back in. Rosita gets her gun to watch for walkers and others so Sasha can open the fence more but when Rosita looks back, Sasha blocks her out. She tells her that the group needs her and to go. Sasha takes off killing people. Rosita runs and when she stops, she sees the shadow of what looks like Daryl standing there.                               

Main points for this week show:

  • So we never saw Sasha get killed but we assume so right? Hence giving Enid the necklace, the speech she gave Rostia before taking off, all those men running out the door at the end. I hope not because I love Sasha but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the last time we saw her. 
  • I love that Maggie doesn't blame Daryl and let him know it. Glenn's death has been eating him alive and to hear it from Maggie about how she never blamed him, I think was the butt kick he needed. 
  • Is it just me or does Jesus and Maggie have a flirtation going on? I know Maggie will not move on and if she does it will be awhile, but I got a flirty vibe from them. 
  • Can someone kill Gregory already? He is such a weasel and has no idea how to lead those people. I know in the comics Maggie ends up being the leader of Hilltop so I am just sitting here, patently waiting for them to make that come true. 
  • I have never been a big Rosita fan. She always has an attitude, always wants to kill, she never likes anyone and the one person she did, died. So to hear her story, to hear how the group needs her from Sasha's point of view made me think a little bit more about her. I just wonder where they are going to take her character now because of what Sasha did. 
  • Is Eugene really gone to the dark side or is he just so afraid of Negan, he doesn't want to do anything wrong? I can't figure him out yet. He likes it there it seems because he tells people what to do, instead of being told what to do. As soon as he saw Rosita, he turned into a big baby, unlike the Eugene Negan knows. 

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts and/or ideas on what you liked, loved, hated or think might happen.

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