Friday, March 24, 2017

Eight on Friday

Yeah Yeah Yeah....I know it's usually five but I couldn't narrow down my favorites from Galveston so there's eight! 

one. Moose and his Pop
My dad was a great help to me. He doesn't get to see his Moose a lot so when he does, he is all about that kid of mine. And by the end of the trip, they were best friends. 

two. Jax
So we know Brody loves dogs. But he hasn't been able to spend much time with Jax yet. To say they hit it off was an understatement. How precious is this? 

three. Hayden
For those of you who have not gotten the pleasure of meeting Hayden, you are missing out. His personality is like nothing I've seen. He's FUNNY and the things that come out of his mouth have me so in love with him. He is all about super heroes and has a new power each day. He loves to sing. My dad decided to stay home that evening with Brody so I could enjoy a dinner without a 19 month old child so I chose Hayden to sit across from. He kept me entertained all night! 

four. The Weddel girls
Of all the nights, of all the places, the Weddel's happen to be going to the same restaurant as us! How beautiful are they? Quick backstory for those who don't know: I was Campbell's nanny for years. She was even one my flower girls. But then she went off to school and no longer needed a full time nanny. When Tiffany got pregnant with the twins, Charlie and Henley, she asked me to come back to be their nanny and even asked me to be Godmother to Charlie. I was with them till I got married. To see where these girls are in life just melted me. Campbell will be going to Junior High next year and wants to do band and volleyball and the twins will be in second grade next year and love playing soccer and are really good from what I can tell. I love you Weddel family!

five. Landry
Landry was such a big help to me in Galveston. She helped with Brody whenever she could. He is like her baby and she just adores him. Not as much as I adore her, but that's why being an aunt is super fun! Landry has no idea how beautiful she is. She has a kind spirit about her and doesn't like upsetting people and I love that about her. 

six. Him
Brody Daniel Lewis. He just has no idea the amount of love I have for him nor will he ever understand it. By the end of the trip, we had mastered the art of eating at a restaurant. But this place was probably our favorite. Fisherman's Wharf. Their bread alone is to die for. Brody ate 3 pieces of it and then proceeded to eat the rest of Hayden's baked potato! We got to sit outside this evening and everything was just perfect about it. I got the lobster and crawfish pasta dish and y'all....just order it! 

seven. Boys
Hayden loves his Brobee. But he doesn't like when Brobee takes his stuff nor eats off his plate. And my kid is notorious for doing both. But at the end of the day, Hayden is a great example for Brody. He is sweet and kind and funny and if this is who Brody looks up to, we are miles ahead. I think they had a great time together. 

eight. The Big Three
My This Is Us friends with understand that. I love this picture because it just reminds me how blessed I am. How blessed I get to call them family. They might fight and not get a long sometimes but they all love each other and I pray they have a close relationship.