Wednesday, October 26, 2016

30 in 3(1): 24: Go On A Wine Tour confession. I have been to many wineries and I even got the opportunity to go to wineries in France (oooh la la) but I have never paid money for someone else to drive me and decide where I go so I thought it would be a lot of fun to do something like that on our adult weekend away. 

So here we are: 30 in 3(1): number 24: Go On A Wine Tour

This was the first thing that we discussed when we all decided to go to San Antonio. Fredericksburg is super close and they have incredible Texas wine. But it wasn't until the week of did anything get planned. Luckily my mom and her dad and sister had used a certain company before and loved it so we went with the same company, Cottonwood Wine Tours. We decided on the tour that picked us up from our hotel, took us to two different wineries, dropped us off in downtown Fredericksburg for lunch and then brought us back home.

 I was stuck in the back between 2 blondes and couldn't be more happier! 

Our bus and inside the bus. After that first glass of wine, everyone starts talking more and you meet some really nice people. 

Our first stop was Sister Creek Vineyards. Their wines aren't bad. If I am being honest, my least favorite of the day.  

 My handsome daddy! 

The next stop on our tour was Four Point O. AMAZING wine! Oh my goodness. You must visit this place if you come to Fredericksburg. 

 After that they took us into town and we had lunch at this place called Tubby's Ice House. It was an outdoor place and the food was delicious.

We decided to go to one more winery that was in town since we had some time left over before the bus picked us up. We chose Grape Creek Winery and guys, again, their wines are amazing. You must visit. 

A selfie on our way back because why......everyone else on the bus was asleep!

I had such a great time and Cottonwood took very good care of us. I highly recommend them and they have a bunch of different ones you can chose from depending on what you would like to do, including some that take you to breweries, whiskey places and moonshine! 
It's a good thing we stuck to wine because who knows how many more selfies there would have been : )