Thursday, October 13, 2016

Computer help

Dear Diary,

I need some help in picking out my next computer. Monday I told y'all I was having computer problems and the reason I am having computer problems is because my computer is about 7 and 1/2 years old. I have a MacBook and when I was working, I had a PC. I wasn't the biggest fan of my PC but it was my work computer and I wasn't attached to it. 

A lot of people tell me to stick to my Mac. To invest in another one of the those but they are so damn expensive. The cheapest one starts at $799. And the one I really want is close to $1000. 

So all you computer people, bloggers, picture takers/uploaders......what would you suggest as my next computer? 

Honestly? I think everyone has a computer now and I want to know what you love/hate about it. I am not partial to a laptop. I would be willing to do a desktop. I just want to know what some good computers out there are before I invest. 

And to those of you who helped me with my phone choice.....I have decided to go with the iPhone 7. And not because the Samsung's are blowing up. But because I really like the new iPhone 7's. I just don't know what color or what size I am getting. I just know that is what I have decided on. 

Love, Me