Thursday, October 6, 2016

Let's dive in and make a Splash

Dear Diary,

Last week I gave you all the new products Younique has to offer and told you that there was more to come. 

When I heard about this new product, I was so excited. I love liquid matte lipstick. LOVE it! But I have always had to buy other companies because Younique didn't sell it. Well now they do! 

These are going to be your new go-to accessory. They are rich and hydrating. They have vitamin C and E to help seal in that hydration. They have a mousse like texture and a wax-free formula. $27 each.
Let's get to the colors y'all! 

Sensual- deep maroon

Sentimental- fresh orchid 

Sizzling- true crimson

Smashing- ocean coral

Soulful- nude pink

Spellbound- midnight purple

Spontaneous- dark berry

Stoic- rusty brown

Stubborn- cherry red

Superstitious- daring navy

And right now, the Splash is part of the Kudos this month! Buy 3 and get a Lip Exfoliator FREE! $73

Here is the link directly to the Splash lipstick. 
Please feel free to ask any questions you might have! 

Love, Me