Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend with Landry

Over the weekend we had a very special guest stay with us. Miss. Landry Kate Smith graced us with her presence. She spent the night Friday and was such a great help to me. She LOVES Brody and just wants to be with him and help him and play with him. She is a momma in the making. I absolutely adore everything about her. 

She arrived when Brody was down for a nap so Dash got all her attention which he loved. We watched Richie Rich and ate popcorn. She then wanted to try all my shoes on and found her favorite!

We were supposed to go to CrossFit but Bobby had something come up so we had to stay home with Brody. When Bobby got back, I took her to get pizza, just the two of us. 

The next morning we got donuts.

She lost a tooth too. She was just sitting on the couch and looked over at me and said, "I just pulled my tooth out. Do you have a bag I can put it in?" I was like "WHAT?"

We then hung out till her Momma called for us to meet her. It was a short amount of time but I/we loved every minute! 

I sure do love you Landry!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Five on Friday

one. The Big Three
I call them this. My This Is Us friends will understand it. Not that they look like them, not that will grow up to be them but they are Mimi and Pop's big three right now and I just love their relationship to one another. 

two. Howdy Howdy Howdy
Brody is having a Toy Story themed birthday party and I found this hat on Amazon. So of course I bought it. He loves it and so did Bullet. 

three. Coral-Lina and Sand
If you have a Lipsense girl, tell her you want the limited edition Coral-Lina lip gloss and you want Sand lip gloss to go with it. They make the perfect pair. Don't have a Lipsense girl? No sister in law Angie would be glad to help! She is placing an order on Monday so let her know by then.

four. Honey
Long story short, Honey is now living in an assisted living home and while I was at CrossFit Wednesday, Bobby took Brody to see her. He sent me this picture. My heart just melted over and over again. Just so sweet.

five. Hair cut
Brody got a haircut yesterday and boy is he cute. He even got a part in the side like his daddy. Can y'all believe he will be two next Friday? I will have a special Five on Friday for him and I am already crying thinking about it. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Terrible Twos

Dear Diary,

We have hit that terrible two stage in life. He will be 2 next Friday but Lord help me, he has already started this phase of life. 

I need some advice from others who have hit this stage. Either you are going through it now or went through it and can give some advice as to overcome this age. Or some advice on how to just not scream all day. He hits and screams and says no no no all the time. He is 75% good, truly honestly good. But that 25% we are just staring at him like a creature. A cruel yelling crying 3 foot 31 pound creature. 

We try not to spank. Especially at this age cause he just sees it as hitting and doesn't understand how we can do but not him. Time-out works sometimes but I would just love some insight to how you kept your head on straight and weren't drunk 24/7.

I've heard if it's a bad 2, then at 3 they are good and you would much rather deal with a 2 year old then a threenager. I'm sure both ages suck hahaha  

Love, Me

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Deal of the Day

There are two today!

Fabletics is having 40% off everything for VIP members plus a FREE beach towel. Sale last till tomorrow so get shopping! 

Bath and Body Works is having a buy one get one candle sale so this is your time to stock up. Plus get $10 off of $30 with code FLIPFLOPS!

Know of any great sales coming up or would like me to feature you, please let me know!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

For Sale


Bobby, Brody and I have decided to sale our home. We are wanting more bedrooms (no I am not pregnant, just for future we want more bedrooms), we are wanting a pool and we are wanting to be in a certain area of Mansfield that we both really love. Well we found a house that meets all of these things so we decided to list ours. Below are a few photos of my home if you are interested. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, plus game/media-room and office in a gated golf course community in Mansfield. I also included the zillow link here for you to go see more pictures and for all the details. 

We are excited for this next chapter in our lives and pray everyday we find a family this home can be just right for. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Monday, July 24, 2017


I grew up watching wrestling with my dad. I loved it. Ultimate Warrior was by far my favorite but the thing I loved the most is how real it looked. I always thought it was real up until I was told it was acting. But I could never understand how they made things look so real like that. 

Insert the Netflix original show G.L.O.W. 

GLOW is based on the real life story of women wrestlers and the TV show around them. GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling and it was a real 80's show. But what this GLOW does, is it's behind the scenes of how wrestling is made. How they learned the skills, how they make things look real without anyone getting seriously hurt. The characters are based off real women from the 80's show. Below are the real women of GLOW. 

But what I love most about this show is how it took me back. The 80's fashion. The thrill of wrestling. It was so good back then. But that's not all. The show has drama. It is witty. It made me laugh several times. It deals with real life situations and women being women. The 2 main men that surround the women I fell in love with as well. The acting is great and they really look like the characters they are playing. 

There are only 10 episodes and they are roughly 30 minutes long so it is really easy to get through. I HIGHLY recommend watching this. If you love the 80's, if you love wrestling, if you love a show about women, if you want to laugh, if you want to feel something, watch it. 

Side note: It is TV-MA and it does deal with abortion 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Five on Friday

one. These two
Bobby walks into a room where Brody is, and that little boy of mine lights up. He loves his daddy the most and it doesn't bother me at all. Last night Brody insisted on caring the thing his daddy needed from Home Depot and even helped use self checkout. 

two. Cake pops
Starbucks is the way to my heart. It is also the way to Brody' their cake pops. They came out with strawberry and lord is he in heaven. I get my cold brew with sweet cream and he gets his cake pop! 

Birds Eye came out with 4 different vegetable and bean based pasta. They are seriously so delicious. We use them for everything pasta based. They have a spinach lentil pasta in alfredo sauce, zucchini lentil pasta in original, in cheddar sauce and in marinara sauce. I have had all 4. The cheddar is my favorite. Brody even likes it. And you honestly can't tell its made from veggies and lentil.   

four. Bath time
Dash loves coming in at the end of Brody's bath and sitting there with him. Brody likes to splash and Dash likes to lick the water. They have a ton of fun and I exited the bathroom for a second and when I popped back in, I found this! 

five. Watermelon Margaritas
On The Border seriously has the BEST watermelon margaritas ever. It was hard just having one this day. Gabby and I talked about these for days after we had it. I haven't made it back over there yet but you can best believe I will. I don't know when they end and I will be super sad when they do. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

My sis

Happy Birthday to my awesome sister Kara!

You are such an amazing sister. But not only that, you are such a wonderful example of a mom. You were a little mom the moment I was born and you never changed. You loved me so very much and still do. And I know that because you tell me. You have always been there for me and I just hope today is wonderful. I love you! 
Brody say's Happy Birthday to his Aunt Kiki. He loves you! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New toothbrush

I have been looking into getting an electric toothbrush for some time now but it never was on the front burner of life. I knew all the benefits of it, but just never made the time to invest in one. I know they can be expensive and there are so many out there to choose from. 

Insert Quip

I came across Quip sitting next to Brody while he was in the bath while I was on Instagram. It was an ad and it caught my attention. So I went to the website to see what it was all about. So not only is this an amazing electric toothbrush, they have a membership where you can either do every 3 months or one year and they ship you new toothbrush heads and toothpaste. So you never have to remember to change your toothbrush out and you are always stocked with toothpaste. 

The toothbrush itself comes in different colors and materials. It has a 2 minute timer with 30 second interval's. It comes with a traveling chamber for an easy carry. They have single sets or they even have a couple set that comes with 2 toothbrushes. 

Head over to their website to read more about it and all the benefits they provide. I really do love this toothbrush and I love how easy it is to clean my teeth. I highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you are awful at changing your toothbrush out every 3 months. 

Want a $5 refill credit? Use code: danilynn53039780582

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Deal of the Day

Today's Deal of the Day goes to my favorite t-shirt company....Emerald Sky

First off, if you have never heard of them, jump on the bandwagon. They make the most amazing t-shirts at the most amazing prices. They have men's, women's, children, koozies ($5), totes ($14) and tumblers ($15). 

Second off, I am brand rep for them. But don't let that fool you into thinking they pay me to do this or ask me to. I rep them because I want to rep them. I practically begged them to let me be one. BUT because I am a brand rep for them, they gave me my own discount code to share with my bloggers! So on top of their already awesome prices, you can get an even bigger discount. Always use code SHOPDL for an additional 15% off at checkout. 

Third off, I wanted to showcase what they have on sale right now but don't forget to check out their regular priced items. Some are even new so that's fun! 


Everything below is $12

Everything below is $14



Everything below is $5

This one comes in blue and red


Also note that not every item will have every size. So go take a look and don't forget to use SHOPDL at checkout for an additional 15% off.