Monday, June 27, 2016

30 in 30: 21: Indoor skydiving

When I first started thinking about my 30 in 30 list, a lot of people suggested skydiving. But I had this fear of dying from it. Because if anything is going to go wrong, I am sure it would involve me. Plus I made a rule that my 30 in 30 list would not involve me putting myself in a dangerous situation. I have a new baby and he is more important than me jumping out of a plane. 

I knew that there was a way you could get the feeling of skydiving, without plummeting to the ground. Indoor skydiving. So I looked into it. But as time was going by, it kept getting pushed back. That is until my friend Julie said that for her husband's birthday, she wanted to go do it. It was like fate stepped in and took over. 

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 21: Indoor Skydiving

The place was called iFly and it is located in Frisco. It is the coolest experience. I will tell you that the first time I went in, I lost my breathe and had to keep telling myself to breathe. The wind tunnel you go in is incredibly strong and anyone with any kind of injury is advised against it. Even if you have asthma, I would advise against it. They do give you your own private instructor who is with you the whole time, they make you watch a training video and then you suit up and go! 

The only problem we had is that we didn't bring an extra person to take photos. We had to put everything in lockers so I got 3 photos of the whole ordeal. 1 taken with a phone and 2 I bought through them of the experience. 

The experience itself is like none other. We got to go 2 rounds at 1:12 each person, each round. You may say that that doesn't sound like a long time, but trust me it is. Julie purchased the party package for the group so it brought the cost down a lot. We paid $54 a person and there was 10 of us. And then, to go up higher, it was an extra $10. Almost all of us decided we wanted to go higher on our second rounds. Why not? I don't think I've ever screamed as loud as I did when he took me higher. He spun me around so fast, I couldn't walk after I was done. It took me a good 20 seconds to get my bearings but it was so worth it. 

Here is a picture of the group! I love these people so much. 
Don't we look like superheroes? 
Back row: Billy, Bobby & Jared
Middle row: Julie, Kristen, Kristen, Me & Josh
Bottom row: Broc & Olivia

So I bought one more photo that far my favorite and it is of my brother in law Billy. See Billy is a big guy and has a very gnarly beard. And when you put a big guy with a big beard in a 90mph wind tunnel, it tends to make people laugh. Luckily Billy laughs at himself before anyone else so it made for great entertainment. Anyways....back to the beard. Well I could describe what we saw or I could just show you! 
The beard itself flew. I don't think we have laughed so hard looking at this photo. I said he looked like Cornelius from the movie Rudolph and Julie said it perfect when she said "Your beard may say 'stayin' cool', but your eyes say 'WTF'!"

If you have ever thought about doing this, DO IT! But do it with friends/family. It makes the experience so much better. And don't forget to bring someone who wants to watch but doesn't want to do it so you have someone to take your photo.