Friday, December 11, 2015

30 in 30: 6 and 7: Gordon Ramsay and Cirque Du Soleil

When I realized we were going to go to Vegas, I knew there had to be something I could do for the 30 in 30. With all the things to do, I knew I could come up with at least one. And the one I knew I wanted to do was a Vegas show. But not just any show, a Cirque Du Soleil show. There are few different ones and it wasn't until Saturday night when we booked our tickets did I actually pick which one I wanted. I decided on KA (but more on that later). And I knew we needed to get dinner before hand but I didn't want to eat at just any place. I wanted it to be a place that I have never been before and I wanted it to be by someone famous. 

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 6: Gordon Ramsay BurGR

I am a HUGE fan of Gordon Ramsay, like a HUGE fan. I watch all his shows and every time he cooks something, I'm hooked. And on top of it all, he's good looking and has an accent I could listen to for days. I don't care if he's got a hot head and loses his temper easily, he has a huge passion for what he does and wants his fellow employees to succeed. So Gordon has 3 places in Vegas to choose from: His Pub and Grill at Caesar's Palace, his Steakhouse at Paris and BurGR at Planet Hollywood. Since we were going to have to take a Taxi to the MGM for Cirque, I didn't want to have to travel and rush to get to another place. So I decided on BurGR. 
When you walk up, there is this really cool fire display behind glass. It's super bright and is always going. 
When you are seated at your table, this is what the menu looks like. 

They also bring you the drink menu on an iPad and you can scroll through and see what all they have. You can also click on each cocktail and it will tell you what it is. We got the hummus to start and it was delicious! I love fresh hummus. 
I decided on the Hell's Kitchen Burger which was a beef burger grilled over apple and alder wood. On the burger it had asadero cheese, roasted jalapeno peppers, avocado and oven roasted tomato! We also got the Truffle Parmesan Fries that came with truffle aioli. When I tell you that this burger in the top 3 of my all time favorite burgers, I kid you not. It was PERFECT! Juicy, savory, cheesy, hint of spice, hint of sweet. Ahh...I want to go back for just this burger! 

So after we stuffed our faces we made our way to the lobby to get a taxi. 

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 7: Cirque Du Soleil

So Saturday night, Bobby and I went to the concierge to order our tickets. They kept trying to talk us into a show at Planet Hollywood but I kept saying, No! I want a Cirque show. Before we left for Vegas, I looked them all up. So I knew my options. It's just not every show plays every night so we had to see what was available for Sunday evening. I knew I wanted either KA or Michael Jackson's. But I wasn't sure if Bobby would have liked the Michael one. He likes action and adventure so I knew KA would be the right choice for us. 

We chose the 7pm showing, got the best seats on the lower level, Row P, seats 9 and 10. 
Fun fact: Bobby and I got married on 9.10! 
So we get in the taxi after dinner, make our way to MGM, check in for our tickets, and as we are walking into the theatre, there is this large dragon! 
Then we made our way down the hallway. Coolest theatre I have ever been in! If you have ever seen the Hunger Games Movie, the third one where she in running around a spiral staircase in the dark with only a hint of light, trying to save the cat for her sister and almost not making it the door in time, that's exactly how it looked inside! 
We found our seats and I loved how close we were. We were close but not so close it would have been hard to watch. It was just right. 
And I was sitting there, waiting for it to start, camera out, ready to take pictures when I got told we were not allowed to take any photos or record anything. All cell phones had to be put away! So I got no photos of the actual performance. 
I can't even begin to describe how amazing this show it. It's the story of twins, a boy and a girl, who are on a boat and the boat gets over run with these devil looking pirates. The twins get separated and each have their own adventure to get back to one another and to survive. They each find love along the way. But the acrobatics and the physical ability of these people blows my mind. There was this vertical wall that they climbed and fought and did flips and turns and so much stuff. 

A few facts about KA:
*There are over 300 people that make up the production team, 80 of those are performers. 
*KA is a story about conflict and love, but KA itself is the fire that has duel power to destroy or illuminate. It is an invisible spirit in the body that accompanies them throughout their lifetime and on to the next.
*There are 14 different scenes. 
*Not only is it acrobatics and dancing, they have human life size puppets. There is a sand crab, a sea turtle, a caterpillar, a starfish, a snake and a grasshopper. 
*On June 29, 2013 (my birthday of all days), there was a lady named Sarah who died after she fell 94 feet from the show's stage. It was the first and only (so far) death from an accident onstage in Cirque Du Soleil 30 year history.
*The show and theater cost $165 million to develop.

Favorite thing about the show:
*The hamster wheel of death at the end. These 2 men, dressed identical, are in this hamster wheel thing that goes round and round and they perform death defying acts on them. One guy does the jump rope on the outside and does it while it is spinning. Oh how I wish I could have taken photos!!!!!
*There is a scene where the girl twin and her maiden have been capsized and their ship is sinking. The scene looks like they are under water. The maid falls and it looks like she is falling in water, drowning and the twin sister swims down to get her. But the way they do it and the skills of these people, it's so real life. And soft piano music plays during this. Was just stunning. 

Since I couldn't take photos myself, I found some online to show. 
This is the hamster wheel. The guy on top is the one who does the major tricks. This is when the wheel stops and he jump ropes on top while the guy below is balancing it. 

And here is he doing even more crazy tricks while the wheel is moving. My husband was on the edge of his seat during this. 

 This is the 360 stage that moves up and down and side to side and eventually goes straight up and they have a huge fight scene on it. 

Here is the preview video for it! 

I seriously had my mouth open the whole time. I was purely entertained from start to finish. And I was so glad to have my hubby next to me. He loved it too. His favorite part was the hamster wheel of death thing. 
Thank you baby for taking me on this adventure. It was one of the best things I have ever seen and I love you so very much!