Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Prairie Lights

On Sunday night, the Lewis family decided to go to the Prairie Light's in Grand Prairie. This is my second year to do it. Last year on this same day, we told the Lewis side that we were pregnant! And now my little munchkin was in the car with me but outside of the womb. He slept the whole time we drove through but it was alright cause he was quiet, warm and content. 

I love looking at Christmas lights. It's just so beautiful. This year only about 75% of the lights were open because of the all the rain we have had this year. It flooded the area and they were only able to open so much. So it was a quicker tour but just as pretty. There was one time on the path where you could see how high the water had gotten. 

About 3/4 into the tour, you end up at this play area where you can get food, warm drinks and they have a carousel and some sort of ride for the kids. Normally it is packed and takes forever for them to ride, but not this year. It was super cold though so I had Brody in the baby bjorn, wrapped up in a blanket. Angie did the same for Jace. This year we did the Holiday Magic Lighted Walk-Thru Forest. It was so pretty. We even got a family picture taken, which is never done! 

Then at the end, you go through this really cool tunnel of lights. It's so amazing and it's the best part of it all. 

Next year, if the Prairie Lights are open, we have decided to get a limo and do this. And then maybe go look at Christmas lights afterwards. So we can all ride together, have some cocktails and let the kids have some fun. Can't wait!!!!