Friday, December 18, 2015

Daddy's girls

Last night my dad, my sister, Landry and I had our annual father/daughter dinner and go Christmas shopping for my mom night! No boys allowed....except this year we had to make an exception because Bobby had a work dinner he could not get out of and I had no one to watch Brody. So little B got to go. This is our 19th year to do this. Mom goes to dinner with us and then heads on home. It was much easier when we all lived at home and could just hop in the car. But now we all come from different directions. It's life I know but sometimes I just want the simple back. 

We went to this place at Northeast Mall called Bar Louie. Had an awesome happy hour and really good food. All Landry wanted to do was be with Brody. She wanted to help with everything she could. Even to the point of helping me change his poopy diaper in the bathroom stall! Then she sang to him and taught him his ABC's and to count to 10. If this girl doesn't grow up to be a teacher, I will be shocked!  

Thank you Landry for keeping Brody entertained last night. 

And thank you Dad for a wonderful night! I know how much you love being with your girls. Your girls love you too!!!!