Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Kudos

This month's kudos for Younique is so awesome! I have always loved liquid eye liner but Younique never sold it so I had to get it from somewhere else. Well now, for the month of December, when you purchase a Splurge set of 3, you get the eyeliner for free! 

I love the Splurge eye creams. I wear them on the days I dress up (cause being a mom and staying home doesn't require a full face of makeup everyday)! I love how smooth and creamy they are and how well they go on. 
There are 12 different colors to choose from. 

Assertive- dark green

Charming- light green

Dainty- rose purple

Defiant- copper peach

Dreamy- baby blue

Elegant- nude peach/pink

Extravagant- orange

Majestic- purple blue

Noble- purple

Skeptical- black

Tenacious- golden brown

Whimsical- blue

Please visit, once there, go to Shop, then Collections/Sets. Under Eye Sets, click Splurge Cream Shadow. Add it to your cart and then it allows you to pick the 3 colors you would like. After you have chosen the 3 colors, click "Set Complete, Finish and Add to Cart". The liquid eye liner is automatically added! 
The 3 set combo is $70. 
Have 3 friends who you need a gift is your solution. Grab each a color and each a 3D fiber lash mascara and you are set!!!!!!