Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vegas, Day 2 and Day 4

Dear Diary, 

Vegas: Day 2
So Saturday morning I woke around 10am feeling like a new women! So B and I got ready and we headed downstairs. Again, everyone else was already down there. But they all (except Josh) have children who sleep through the night so they understood my want to sleep in. We made our way over Caesar's Palace, the guys wanted to gamble there and the girls wanted to go shopping. We found our way to a bar and got mimosas to start our morning off right! 

We walked and shopped for a couple of hours. Victoria's Secret was having great deals so I couldn't pass it up and I always love H&M so I got me a few things there. For some reason, I thought I was going to be freezing so I overdressed and got really hot walking around. So Julie and I made our way back to Planet Hollywood so I could change. Everyone else decided to come back not long after us and we decided to split up as couples. Bobby and I needed to eat lunch so we went to the buffet at PH. They had bottomless champagne and all the food you could ever want. They had the best dessert table. And even had hand spun fresh cotton candy. I LOVE cotton candy! 

After that, everyone met back up and they all gambled again. We decided to go have dinner at Cabo Wabo, where I had a cucumber margarita (one of the best margaritas I have ever had) and then headed on over to the Bellagio to see all the Christmas decorations they had put up. So the Bellagio is one of my dream places to stay, but it's just so expensive. But I have to go see it. As we were walking over, the fountains were going and it was to the tune of Santa Baby by Madonna. It was the perfect time for a photo opt for me and the hubs. 

Then we made our way into the Bellagio and wow.....was it something else. Like out of a story book. And it was super crowded! We had a hard time making our way around but I was able to snap a few photos. 

Here's that good looking group again! 

We went back to PH to gamble some more and when we had visited the Candy Factory the day before, they had this awesome duck that you could get filled up. And I kept thinking about that duck. So I finally forced myself to get it. I got it filled up with an adult version of an Arnold Palmer; Sweet Tea Vodka and frozen lemonade! I told Kristen I needed a name for him and Quackers came to mind. So he will be my drinking cup around the house when we have parties. 

I ended the night back up in the room with another slice of Pin-Up pizza! This time Bobby enjoyed the slice with me. So amazing!

And again, I slept like a baby! 

Vegas: Day 4
I am skipping day 3 because that is my 30 in 30 post tomorrow. 

Monday morning we slept in and decided to go have brunch together. The last time we went to Vegas, we had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris but they also have a wonderful brunch menu with an amazing patio. You overlook the Bellagio fountains. The weather was cool but with the heaters they had going, it was perfect. Coffee, Bloody Mary, nutella waffles, fresh whipped cream, warm syrup, date glazed bacon, the view and my husband.....was just a perfect way to end the Vegas trip.

After we were done, we headed back to the hotel, checked up and went to the airport. Our flight wasn't till 5:50 so we just hung out there. Once we landed, my sister picked us with Brody. He was asleep so I wasn't able to love on him. But once we got home, I couldn't put him down. He looked at Bobby and I for a good minute, like he was trying to figure out if he was dreaming or his mom and dad were actually there. They he pulled my hair to come to him and give me the biggest, wettest kisses EVER! Oh I missed him so much. Rocking him back to sleep was just a joy to me. He just kept snuggling up as close as he could. I just stared at his face, seeing how big he already looked to me. I loved having time with my husband and sleeping, but getting back to him was the best! 

I had such a wonderful time with everyone! I really have such amazing friends and we all really get along. Everyone is always laughing, joking, keeping each other going. They all (besides Josh) left Sunday to go home while Bobby and I stayed an extra day to do some things I wanted to do. To do some 30 in 30's. 

I can't wait to tell you all about it tomorrow! 

Love, Me