Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fun Wrapping Ideas

I can't believe Christmas is on Friday! Like where has time gone. B and I finished up shopping over the weekend so now everything is in our guest room, unwrapped. Looks like it will be a 10pm wrap marathon for myself. I usually love wrapping gifts. I find the joy in it and the artistry to it. But this year, I am not looking forward to it. Maybe because by 9pm I am exhausted and it's the last thing I want to do. Maybe because I don't know where to start and I'm afraid I am out of some things and gonna have to load Brody up to go to the store to get stuff. Which if I didn't have Brody, I could just go myself and be home in like 10 minutes. But it takes like 10 minutes alone just to load him and unload him. I know the wrapping has to get done, I have no excuses to show up to people's homes with unwrapped gifts or presents stuck in old sacks with bad tissue paper. 
A lot of my wrapping inspirations comes from Pinterest. And you might be thinking.....Pinterest fail because nothing ever comes out as good as it looks on there but when it comes to wrapping, you really can't go wrong. Unless you are my husband and are the worst wrapper in the world. The boy tries, he really does. He just gets bored after one and they end up looking like a 4 year old did it. (Love you hunny)   
I found what was in this year for wrapping. Whites, Blacks and Browns. As for wrapping paper. The simplest wrapping paper can almost be the most prettiest and classy. You can draw on them, add any color bow to them or just simply put a To/From sticker and go on your way. But under the tree, they look really pretty.
And if you are anything like me, you wrap the night before! So for you procrastinators like you go! 

Last year, I did chalkboard paper for the kiddos and loved every minute of it. It is a little hard to wrap with because it's so thick but drawing them pictures was so much fun. I don't know if I will have time this year to do it but if I don't, simply writing their name really cool will work for me. 

 This is a really cute idea if you have a patient baby or child. Using their fingerprints as lights. I even saw one where they used the fingerprint as Rudolph's nose. I may do this for the grandparents this year but it may be his handprint or just one finger. We will see. 

 Cardboard looks really clean and nice and you can decorate it almost anyway you like. Instead of the wording they used, you can write the person's name. And who doesn't have twigs and leaves in their backyard. You can even use liquid chalk on cardboard paper. 

Don't have all that time (like me this year). Then invest in some really pretty To/From tags. It will at least give your gift something different. And use pretty string. That can also make a world of difference. Twine is really cheap at Michael's (just saying).

White paper.....I would have never thought about using white paper but I am so in love with it this season. It is so pretty. If you have kids, you can even have them color on it for some decoration. Pull them away from the TV and have them decorate them for everyone. I love the idea of adding Crayons and letting the kiddos you give it to color on it for themselves. 

This was my creation last year. I can't make any promises about me doing this again this year so I hope the kiddos aren't disappointed in their Aunt Dani. Batman face was my favorite.