Friday, August 14, 2015

30 in 30: 1 and 2: Get an epidural and Have a baby


Let's get this story started! 

I will do my best to give you the facts and not bore you with the inbetween stuff. 

The morning of August 4th, I had a 40 week doctor appointment to see if I have dilated or any farther along with my pregnancy. At this appointment, I was supposed to talk to my doctor about what day to get induced and how everything would go. 

So I show up for my 10:45am appointment. Bobby was supposed to go with me but he ended up having a really important meeting that he couldn't miss come up so I told him I would be fine and just call him once I found out what was going on. I get back to the room and after being checked out, I had only dilated to a 1. Which is nothing. I told her that I really hadn't felt him move since Sunday. And you could see her ears perk up. She already wasn't a fan of my blood pressure so decided to send me down to triage to get blood work done and to get a sonogram. Just to be safe. So while my blood work is being rushed, they wheel me up to the sonogram room to check on little boy. The doctor was very honest with me. She wasn't a fan of what she was seeing. She said she would call my doctor and they would discuss what they think I should do. She wasn't gone but 2 minutes when she came back in and said that her and my doctor thought it would be best if they went ahead and admitted me and we get this ball rolling. They didn't like the fact that he wasn't moving like he should and my blood work came back bad. She told me it would be a slow process so to call my husband and tell him that when his meeting is over, to go ahead and get on up to the hospital. So they wheel me back down to triage to wait for a room. I got to the delivery room around 2pm or so. 

This is where it gets crazy.......

They had a hard time getting an IV started on me because I hadn't had any water so after 3 tries, they finally get it. Bobby arrives around 3pm and I have to say....I have never loved my husband more than when he walked into the room. There was this look on his face like OMG this is happening, like really really happening! Luckily he had been at his appointment and was able to go home and get all of our stuff. After he arrived, my doctor came in and told me they were going to try to get me to dilate more. That there was this small thing that they will place inside me to start helping me dilate. So I get that inserted and within 30 minutes, I was having contractions. Like major contractions. Like where I couldn't breathe almost. But I knew it was part of it so I just focused on my breathing and tried to stay calm. 

They came in around 4:30 to put the epidural in me. I have to be really honest, the thought of it scared me to pieces. And I was in so much pain that I was shaking so bad. The nurse had to hold me to help calm my body. I wasn't shaking cause I was scared, I was shaking cause my body was in so much pain. He had a hard time sticking me at first and I was contracting so much, it took longer than normal. So I just started praying and finding an inner peace and he was able to stick me. Not gonna lie, it hurt. But I knew this small amount of pain would help the massive pain I was in. After he was able to stick me, he went pretty fast. Then he told me he would gonna stick something in and to tell me if I felt nerve pressure on either my right side or my left side and he would adjust it. He stuck it in and I felt it on my right so I told him and he pulled it out and tried again and this time nothing. And like that....I had gotten an epidural. I only wish I was able to watch it or have some sort of documentation of it but they kicked Bobby out of the room for it. 

At 5pm, my doctor came back in and decide to take the thing that was inside me out because it was causing me to contract every minute. So I went from no contractions to contracting too much too fast. It was putting my body in shock almost. So after she pulled it out, my body was able to relax some. Which was a great relief to me. At this time, my water still had not broken and I was still a 1. She said she was gonna give my body an hour to see what it will do. So at 6pm, she came back in and decided to go ahead and break my water. She was afraid he might had pooped in the water and could be in distress and if so, we would need to do an emergency c-section to get him out. So she broke my water and lord did that feel weird. Like I just peed a bucket on myself. And like she had feared, he had pooped. She wanted to monitor us for 30 minutes to see what my body would do. She was gone 10 minutes when she came back in the room and told us she thought it would be best if we did a c-section. That something wasn't right and we need to get him out. So I looked at Bobby and we both said yes, get him out. Do what you need to do. So within 5 minutes, I was being wheeled into another room and getting prepped. I won't go into details of what they did because honestly, I really have no idea. I was numb from the boobs down and I knew he was in good hands. They brought Bobby in and it was go time. The only thing I actually felt was him being pulled out of me. It was like an uncomfortable feeling. Like something being sucked out of you. The amount of people that were in the room for this one baby was mind boggling. Because he had pooped in the water, she told me that once she pulled him out, that I wouldn't hear him cry. So to not freak out. That they would need to get all of the stuff out of his mouth because they didn't want him swallowing it. 


But I trusted them and I trusted God and Bobby was there so I just kept praying. And then I heard it. And then I yelled at Bobby and told him to tell the doctor that I was gonna puke so he told him and he gave me something that knocked me out. I literally passed out. I really have no idea for how long, all I remember was hearing my son cry and passing out. They finally woke me because they were taking him out of the room and they wanted him to see me. 

At the time, I had no idea why they were taking him out of the room. And it wasn't until I got back into the labor and delivery room did I find out that he was in NICU for a partial collapsed lung. Bobby explained to me what was going on and that he needed to be monitored 24/7 in NICU for it. That they didn't see the need for surgery but he needed to be on oxygen for 12 hours to help him heal. And that he had gone to see him and he was doing good. If you know me, you know how emotional I am. But for some reason, I didn't cry when I found out. I had so much faith floating around me that I just knew he was going to be ok. That God was present and it was all in his hands. 

They decided to go ahead and wheel me up to our room but wanted me to stop by the NICU to see him. Those first moments of his life are really important in bonding. So they brought me in and he was under this oxygen thing. 
They took him out and placed him on me. I could have laid there forever people. FOREVER! All the pain I went through, all the unknowns and the all the scary things, none of it mattered. 
I get it now! I get what it's like to have a baby. It didn't go as planned. But what in life does? In 4 hours of being told this would take a day, I had a baby. My baby. My little boy.  In 4 hours, I experienced 2 of my 30 in 30. 

I am a Mom now! And there's no greater feeling than when I look at him. 

Just so you know, Brody healed himself in 24 hours and we were able to have him back in our room Thursday around 1pm. Praise God! 

Next week I will talk about how we came up with his name, why he and I were in distress during labor (there's a big reason and it's a doozy) and get you all caught up on our time at home.