Monday, August 3, 2015

To my 3 boys,

Where do I begin? 

You 3 have already made me the luckiest women in the world. I get to be the wife to one of you and a dog-mom to the other 2 of you. 


You make me laugh on a daily basis. You have such a personality that can only be described as nothing from this world. You might not understand what is about to happen to your world, but as your mom, I promise you I will love you the same, no matter how much you might feel ignored these next couple of weeks while Mom gets in the groove of things. Mighty Mouse is going to love you so much and even though you might want nothing to do with him, you will love him too, especially when it comes time for him to start eating in a high chair and food "happens" to fall to the floor for you. I love you my Bully Bully and thank you for being my dog. 


My baby. My shadow. The most loyal thing I have in my life. I hate that your life is about to change so dramatically. I know everytime I get up to feed MM, you will be right alongside of me, even at 2am. One of the reasons I had your dad spend extra money on a double glider for MM's room, because I knew the other side would be occupied by you. I have a feeling you might end up becoming MM's best friend. You let anyone love on you and lay on you and I think he's going to do just that. Things are going to change and I can't stop it but I promise to love you the exact same way as I already do. I love you Dasher and thank you for being my dog. 


What an 11 and 1/2 years we have had together. And now a baby! A real baby. Like a real, talking, walking, human. Who knew the thug and the shy girl would end up here?! We have had ups and downs and through it all we have stuck together. In a few short days we are going to be parents! Like holy shit. PARENTS! Haha. We are going to go through this miracle of life together. Just you and I. We are about to experience something on a totally different level together. And I can't imagine doing it with anyone else. You make my life complete. You are the hardest working man I know, you put this little family of yours first and when I came to you over a year ago asking you what you thought of when we have a baby, me going part time so I can spend some time with him/her, you never once complained or bitched at me that I couldn't or we couldn't afford it or how I would be taking something away from you. You listened to me and understood where I was coming from and you never once told me no. And here we are! You are the man I never imagined I could have, a true prince charming and I can't wait for MM to learn from you. You are the most perfect role model for our son........OUR son! I love you baby and thank you for being my husband and baby daddy. 

And now I can pick myself off the floor, wipe my whole face cause I have been crying this whole time and get back to whatever else I was doing to distract myself from the reality that is about to happen!