Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1 week old

I know a lot of you are so curious about what happened last Tuesday and I promise I will tell you all the unbelievable story of how my sweet boy came into this world but today, he is 1 week old and that is something worth sharing. Over the next couple of days, I will tell you the story of Brody Daniel Lewis. But today, today I am focusing on his 1 week. On Tuesday's, instead of my Dear Diary days, they will be Brody Daniel days. I will be moving my Dear Diary to Thursday's now. I can't promise I will be blogging everyday these next couple of weeks but I will do my best. 

He likes to eat and when he doesn't get it fast enough, he turns into the Hulk. And we have officially changed his nickname from Mighty Mouse to Hulk. Mighty Mouse was cute when he was in the womb but since he goes from 0 to 60 in a second, we thought Hulk was much more fitting and more manly. He loves kisses and be swaddled. He hates being cold and hates his diaper changed. He smiles a lot and he has a dimple on each side. He has my eyes and heart shaped face and he has Bobby's nose and Bobby's top lip. And he is long and lean like Bobby. He is both breast and bottle fed. Since he likes to eat and he likes to eat right now, the boob just isn't quick enough for him yet but we are working on it everyday and everyday he gets better. He really is a good baby and B and I couldn't be more blessed. 

I promise I will tell you all the story of how he entered into this world because it truly is a story for the books. But it is a long story so I will be sharing it over the next couple of days. Hopefully I can get everyone caught up on our crazy life!