Monday, June 30, 2014


I have a new party started on my Younique website. This is a fun party y'all! Wanna know why? Because you could win a free product! If you make a purchase, your name will go in a hat and let's say you buy 2 items from me...then your name goes in 2 times! I will then draw a name and whosever name I draw, will win a free eye pigment or lip-gloss color of their choice!!!!

But wait...the fun doesn't stop there. If your cart before tax and shipping is over $50, you automatically win a free eye pigment color of your choice! And you will also be put in the drawing as well, so you actually have to chance to win 2 pigments or 1 pigment and 1 lip-gloss!!
So for instance: a 3D fiber lash, a lip-gloss and an eye pigment comes to $54. And've just earned yourself another pigment color!
There are 32 to choose from, 16 sparkly and 16 matte!
The shimmer colors are as follows in order as they are shown in the picture: Angelic, Curious, Sexy, Sassy, Regal, Flirty, Playful, Awestruck, Empowered, Dignified, Gorgeous, Heartbroken, Confident, Feisty, Daring and Devious
The matte colors are as follow in order as they are shown in the picture: Glamorous, Heavenly, Naïve, Innocent, Precocious, Giddy, Provoked, Beautiful, Irresistible, Risqué, Famous, Infatuated, Crushed, Vulnerable, Corrupted and Twitterpated.
With the eye-shadow, you can apply it dry or wet. So you really get 2 colors out of one. I am a fan of the dry, but my sister in laws are a fan of applying it wet. I find that the lighter the color, the more I want to apply it wet so it really stands out. You can also use it as eyeliner! Eyeliner you would apply it wet.
I am obsessed with their lip-gloss. I love how smooth it goes on and it doesn't feel sticky like some lip-gloss can be. It also comes with a mirror so applying it in public makes it that much easier. It comes in 10 different colors ranging from clear with Loyal to red with Lethal and everything in between.
It is a Fourth of July party. I love being an American where I am free to do what I please and be who I want to be. And I want to give away some awesome products. So head on over and get to shopping and good luck! I hope I draw your name
These colors are Awestruck, Playful and Heartbroken with a touch of Curious on top.
Also, if you ever considered joining my Younique family, for the whole month of July, anybody who signs up under me, gets free shipping on their start kit. It's only $99 to sign up and you get everything below. Joining Younique was one of the best things I ever did for myself. So if your in the mood to make extra money and if you love social media, I would love for you to join my team. I can answer any questions you might have as well.  

Friday, June 27, 2014


I love cereal. I love everything about cereal. When I became gluten-free, a huge reality hit me that I won't be able to enjoy all the cereals I love! So after I picked myself off of the floor, I stood in the grocery cereal isle and looked up and down to figure out what I could still eat! These cereal's I am about to tell you about our my favorite to keep stocked at my house.

General Mill's Chex cereal is by far my favorite cereal to eat on my gluten-free diet. I love all the flavors, I love how it is super crunchy and over half of the flavors are sweet. I like a sweet cereal over a plain cereal. And Chex has that. It comes in 8 different flavors. 3 original flavors: Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Wheat Chex and 5 fun flavors: Vanilla Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex, Cinnamon Chex and Apple Cinnamon Chex! I have to warn you though, Wheat Chex is the only flavor that is NOT gluten-free. So I don't ever buy it and I wanted to make sure everyone knew. I just didn't want to hurt it's feelings and leave it out!
My favorite of all these flavors is the Vanilla Chex. I love how it taste and I love how it makes my milk so sweet. It kind of has a marshmallowee taste and if you know anything about me, I love marshmallows. I always have it at the house. My husband and I eat it for a late night snack. Chex is honestly not that bad for you and if you have any kind of sweet tooth, this is much better than grabbing cookies and candy.
Kellogg's has a gluten free cereal called Rice Krispies! Now I must say, they make a regular Rice Krispie and a gluten free version. Rice Krispies is a gluten-free cereal on it's own, but the regular is made in the same factory as all the other cereals so it has the possibility of cross-contamination. As for their gluten-free version, it is made in a factory by itself. Rice Krispy treats is one of my favorite desserts...once again it is mixed with Marshmallows. (Can you see a pattern...I love marshmallows).
Post brand makes a very yummy, childhood cereal that I still love to this day...Fruity Pebbles! OMG...I love this cereal. When I found out they were gluten-free, I was like a kid in a candy store for the first time. I went home and poured the biggest bowl I could find and went to town. I love everything about Fruity Pebbles. I even love making Fruity Pebble treats. Instead of Rice Krispies, you use Fruity Pebbles. It's so sweet and so fruity and so wonderful! Any flavor they make including Cocoa is gluten-free as well. They put out a couple new flavors during the year to keep it fun and new. All of the ones I have seen have been gluten-free.
2 of my favorite gluten free brands, Udi's and Glutino also make a gluten free cereal. They are harder to find. You usually have to find them in a speciality store like Whole Foods or Central Market. I just didn't want to leave them out because they are really good!
And what is a bowl of cereal without it's main liquid, Milk! I love everything about milk. It taste so good. There is something about a glass of milk that to me is calming. I like to drink 1/2 percent milk. If you have never heard of it, Kroger brand sells it. It's not 1% and it's not Skim. It's right in the middle. So it has a little body to it but the fat and calorie's are much lower.
Hope you enjoyed my cereal post!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
It's my birthday weekend! So I am going to have a wonderful time!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Breathe...just breathe

Today's blog is going to be very short. It is just going to simply tell you to remember to breathe. I had a rough night last night and I had to remind myself to just breathe. And to remember that God does hear you. The answer you may want is not the answer you may get. I spent a lot of time with God yesterday and the funny ways he reminded me that I was going to be ok. I heard 3 songs on my Spotify back to back (I just put it on shuffle) that were all about remembering to be yourself, to laugh at yourself, to not take things to heart or so serious and to know it's all going to be ok. I just kept laughing each time a new song played for me. Like God was telling me to be quiet and just listen. And it also helps to have these beautiful women in my life, to also remind me that nothing is perfect and it's ok. I don't want to be perfect. Seems like no fun at all! Thank you mom and Kara for being wonderful examples of what a mom and a wife and a friend should be like.
I love you both to the new pink planet and back!

 Proverbs 1:33- "But whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster"

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jesus loves the little children of the world

So today's blog is all about my precious, wonderful, funny children I have in my life!!!!
Landry Kate Smith- February 4, 2009
Colton Levi Talbert- September 21, 2009
Kent Samuel Lewis- August 31, 2010
Hayden Timothy Smith- October 11, 2013
Billie Marie Lewis- May 10, 2014
Oh you thought I was going to talk about my dogs! Hahaha... you would have had to see the word Perfect if I was talking about my dogs because my dogs are Perfect. But back to the other angels in life that ADORE their Aunt Dani and love her to the new pink planet they just discovered and back!
I am going to tell you a little bit about each of them. And I am going to do it in the order that they came in this world. But before I do, I need to tell you a little back story on what these children mean to me.
I did NOT want to have children growing up. I wanted a beautiful husband, I wanted a career, I wanted to travel the world with my beautiful husband, I wanted to make a lot of money that I could just do whatever I wanted and be able to support my parents and Kara and I wanted to be the most AWESOME aunt ever! Then I met Bobby and fell head over heels in love. When the topic of children came up, I told him my views and what I wanted from life. At first, he didn't say anything. But as our relationship continued, I could tell it bothered him that I didn't want children. He told me that he would not marry a women that did not have off-spring. Being the stubborn women that I am, I shrugged it off.
My sister Kara told us she was pregnant early 2008. I was so excited. Like ecstatic. But in April, God decided that he wanted that baby to be with him, so that baby is in heaven. In June of 2008, Kara got pregnant again and this time that baby carried to term. So after a very long wait and a very long labor, Kara Gail Clemens Smith delivered a very healthy baby girl, Landry Kate Smith.
So here is where my story takes a complete turn. The moment I held Landry Kate Smith in my arms, was the day that changed my life. Still being very stubborn on not wanting children some day, the instant I held her it was like God slapping me in the face. I cried because in my arms was this perfect being. Was the creature my sister and Tim produced. It was like everyone else in room with me disappeared and it was just Landry and I. I knew at that moment, I could not go the rest of my life without this feeling. Without looking at something I created with the man that I love more than anything. Reality came swinging back around when someone took her from my arms. I just said a quick thank you to God and wiped my tears.
Landry Kate Smith is the funniest child I have ever met. She's sassy, her favorite color is pink, she is incredibly smart. She loves her babies. She loves to swim and if you ask her if she would like a piece of chocolate, she will tell you that "Chocolate makes her crazy"! When she was trying to learn my name, it came out like Ninny, so she calls me Ninny, even to this day. She's witty and determined and stubborn. She's sweet and loving and thoughtful. She gets her feelings hurt easily but can turn right around and be ok. I have a very special connection with Landry that I hope never goes away.  She starts kindergarten this year and along side Kara, my mom and Tim's mom Debbie, I will be crying. Landry loves dogs. If she grew up to be a veterinarian, I would not be shocked!
She loves Disney and princess movies. I got to watch Frozen with her and I loved just hearing her sing all the songs. She has the biggest heart and has to be in control. Her favorite person on the planet right now is my dad, her Pop. If he is present, she is usually near him. Which both Kara and I love because usually little girls are afraid of men. But there is something about my dad that she loves.
Landry Kate Smith- Ninny loves you with her whole heart. You are my girl. You make me laugh and you make me feel loved all the time. Thank you for being you and thank you for always making me laugh. I can't wait to see what you become some day. It's going to be great!
So half way through Kara's pregnancy, I get a call from Angie telling me that she was pregnant. If you know anything about Angie, you know she rarely has a bad day. She is most spirited person I know so when she called to tell me she was pregnant, it was like the world was on fire. Haha...but that's how it's suppose to be when you find out your pregnant right?! When she told she was having a boy, I was so excited because I already had my girl. Angie had a hard pregnancy. In a short story, she has a heart shaped uterus so Colton only had so much room to grow. She was put on bed-rest at the end. Her labor though was the quickest. She had to have a C-section  so they literally wheeled her back and she was back in the room with Colton Levi Talbert an hour later! I was like "Wait, what? You're already done!?"
Colton is the smartest child I know. He is amazing at videogames. He has a very loving heart. I love going on vacation with him and just sitting next to him while he plays a game on his Kindle. He was showing me how to play some games...ME! His 28 year old aunt how to play games I should know how to play. He hates getting in trouble. He almost never has a bad day at school. He hates girls. Anything that has to do with a girl, he wants no part in. If there is something pink or purple, he avoids it like the plague. He's a great swimmer.
Colton loves to get on the side of pool and jump in. He usually jumps to either Bobby or Billy but this past week, I notice him jump in on his own and swim. He is a super fast learner. He loves coming over and playing Batman on the PlayStation. He would sit for hours if Angie allowed it. And he doesn't just run around and do nothing. He actually plays the games. I am always such in awe over his hand eye coordination when it comes to this. Colton is sweet and kind and he will make a great big brother if Angie has another.
Colton Levi Talbert- I love you. I love your sweet smile and your ability to learn so fast. You are always so kind with your please and thank you's. When you have made it big someday, you remember who your favorite aunt is....(no don't look at Kristen)...ME! Thank you for being a wonderful child and letting me be apart of you life!
Bobby and I got engaged at the end of 2009. Landry was already born and so was Colton. The day we got engaged, Billy and Kristen through us a party that evening. Little did I know, Kristen was pregnant. Very early pregnant. Bobby actually told me after she told the parents at Christmas. I thought she was having a girl. Something about it just screamed girl to me. But oh boy...she did not have a girl. She was having a boy...and a boy she had! And by that I mean, Kent is a boy of all boys. The actual definition of a boy. After a very easy labor, Kent Samuel Lewis was here!
Kent is the most perfect definition of what a boy is. He's tough. He's adorable. He loves the ladies. He is kind and smart. He is forgiving and loyal. He falls down and gets up without having a fit. When he is in trouble. he takes whatever punishment that comes with the crime. He knows when he has done wrong and from what I can tell, usually owns up to it. He tries really hard to not tattle on others. He shares. He's funny and crazy. He loves his Uncle Bobby but his Uncle Bobby loves him 10x more! Kent always walks in with a hug and kiss every time I see him. (I must give Billy and Kristen props here. No child willingly walks in and does that. But they taught him from a early age to do that so he does).
Kent is very loving. He is an incredible big brother. He never seems jealous of anything or anyone. I hate when he cries because a) it is very few and far between or b) because he is usually really hurt. He has tough cry. I want to cry when he cry's because I know the amount of pain he is in. I love going on vacation with Kent just to see what he gets into next. He is adventurous and a daredevil. (I wonder where he gets that from...Billy...Bobby).
Kent Samuel Lewis- I have never in my life met a child more sweeter than you. You have this charm about you that just melts my heart. With your love of the color pink to your good looks, you are going make one women in this world very lucky some day. I love you!
So my sister gets pregnant again in 2012, but again God decided that that baby needed to be with him, so that baby went to heaven to join the other baby who will someday get to meet my sister and Tim and their other siblings. But this time, Kara decided to wait a little before trying again. But the following February 2013, she gets pregnant again. This time, we get to keep it.  At first I thought Kara was having a boy, then at the last minute I changed my mind and thought girl. Turns out it was boy. (always go with your first instinct Dani)!  Hayden was quite comfortable inside Kara. He did not want to come out. So after a very awful labor, they had to do an emergency C-section to get him out. It was a very long day but boy, was he worth it.
The moment I met him, my heart sank. Kara had me sneak Landry back there before anyone else came so I got a few minutes to myself to look and talk and take his picture (and cry). Who knew the new love of my life would be short, fat and bald! And look just like a grown up version of Tim! He is the spitting image of Timothy Michael Smith.
Hayden is the most happiest baby in the world. I have kept over 1000 children in my life, and I have not met one as happy as he is. As long as his belly is full, he's happy. He sleeps good, eats good. He is the typical second child. Landry loves him and even dresses him up (there is a picture of Hayden dressed up as Wonder Women but my aunt title would be taken away from me if I dare show it)! I love looking at Hayden and seeing him smile. He never meets a stranger. He always has a smile on. He chubby and I love it. He's my little man, even though he's going to be 6'6 and weigh 250lbs and play profession football....he will always be my little man.
Hayden Timothy Smith- You have only been in my life not even a year and I am so in love with you. Every time I see you, you give me the biggest smile and you laugh at things I do. My little man is growing up and I could not be more excited to see the next years of your life. I also can't wait to wear a Smith jersey and cheer you on from the stands. You hear those crazy ladies screaming your's me, your mom and your Mimi! Get use to it kid. I love you!
So the day that Kristen finds out she is pregnant, is the day I find out. Through a text message I must say. She sent me a somEcard (if you don't know what that is, look it up. They are awesome) that said something like "Well I guess I can't drink for 9 months or so". I called her and started screaming. She was like I just found out so don't say anything but I had to tell someone. So of course I kept my mouth shut and waited for them to tell everyone. So needless to say, I waited A LONG time for her to deliver this baby. I knew she was having a girl. I had this feeling. And it was right. So the day before mothers day 2014, Billie Marie Lewis came into this world.
I mean come on right. She's precious. And perfect. And so sweet. She's only 6 weeks old so she doesn't do much but eat and sleep and poop and be the sweetest thing ever! I am so in love with her. When Kristen comes in the room with her, its like a magnet. I just take her and go. She is holding her head up great and opening her eyes so I know she sees me and already loves me.
Billie Marie Lewis- I know you are only 6 weeks old but I am just as in love with you as the rest of the kiddos. I can't wait to go on vacation with you were I get you a whole week! You are my sweet angel and I love you.
So those are my kiddos. Can't you tell I LOVE being an aunt. It is one of the most joyous things in my life. I thank God everyday for these children. They are the reason I will become a mom (to humans) someday. The amount of love and warmth I get, I can only imagine triples when it's your own. Thank you Kara, Angie and Kristen (yeah, ok...Tim, Matt and helped by letting your sperm have fun) for growing these children for 9 months and letting me be apart of their everyday lives. Bobby and I so blessed beyond because of them!
Oh a side note, Shay is still having her Younique party going on till June 29th (yes, my birthday) at so head on over and check it out!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What is Gluten?

I get asked this question A LOT...What is Gluten? If you were to pull out the Dictionary and look up the actual definition it would tell you that Gluten is...1. the tough, viscid, nitrogenous substance remaining when the flour of wheat or other grain is washed to remove the starch. 2. Archaic. glue or a gluey substance.
To me, all I read is blah blah blah. I want a definition I can actually understand and live by. I want to know what made my stomach hurt my whole life and why this stuff called Gluten made me have migraines. So with much research, I actually found a simple answer to what Gluten is.
When I hear the word Gluten, I automatically think GLUE. When you take a grain, such as flour, and you add water to it, the flour turns into this sticky glob. The gluten is what binds the flour and the water together to give you that 'glue like' form in your hand. I was NEVER that child that ate glue so why in the world would I want to eat it in my food. And no, it's not actual glue. It's just the binding part of the grain that acts like a glue.  So when you think Gluten, think glue.
"Ok, Dani. I understand what gluten is, but what should I avoid in my diet?"- said You
Great question You!- Here are the grains you should avoid if you are sticking to a Gluten-Free diet:
-Triticale (a cross between wheat and rye)
Flour and Wheat are the HARDEST to avoid. And they come in different names as well. Like:
-Bleached (flour)
-Unbleached (flour)
-Bulgur (wheat)
-Durum (flour)
-Farina (wheat)
-Graham (flour)
-Kamut (wheat)
-Semolina (wheat)
-Spelt (wheat)
There are certain grains, like Oats (that are gluten free in their own form), that can be contaminated with wheat in the growing process. So if you love Oats, please make sure you buy a product that says Gluten-free on the label.
"Ok, Dani. So I know what to avoid, but sometimes I can't read a label. Especially when I am out to eat or I have 12 children hanging off of me at the grocery store. So tell me what to always avoid, unless noted Gluten-Free on the label or menu?" - said You
Great question You! Here is a list of items to avoid, unless noted on the box or menu 'Gluten-Free'-
-French Fries
-Imitation meat (like hot-dogs)
-Ice cream
-Lunch meat (processed)
-Salad dressing
-Soy Sauce
-Seasoned rice mix
-Potato or Tortilla chips
-Oh...and you know that Play-Doh we all grew up on? If you have a child or you yourself has severe Celiac Disease, avoid buying it all together. Just playing with it can have an impact to your skin. I didn't eat glue as a child and I didn't eat Play-Doh either, but there are some children who try it all.
"Ok Dani! You practically took away all my favorite things and told me I can't eat anything I really want to eat in life! Please tell me not all hope is lost to enjoying all the sweets and savories I have always known and loved?"- said You
Another great question You! (you are really killing it with the questions today). Yes, there are still so many wonderful things in the world that you can eat.
I am a chip lover. I love all chips. Any flavor any brand any size! I have found that 3/4 of all national brand chips (such as Doritos, Lays, etc.) are gluten-free. And most of them say it right on the bag. Chex cereal is nationally known for being Gluten Free. They even have a wonderful commercial about it. Their vanilla Chex I keep stocked at my house because it's so wonderful. But besides that, here is a list of items you can safely buy at your local grocery store or order on a menu (just be sure to tell your waiter that you have a gluten allergy so they know to not cross contaminated with another product.)
-Gluten-free flours
-Nuts (natural unprocessed form)
-Almost all dairy products- including milk, cheese and yogurt
-Fresh meat
These grains and starch's you can also have, in their natural form. Which means if they come in a package, make sure to read the label and make sure they are not processed with wheat or flour.
Gluten-free flours include the following:
'Ok Dani. Give me one piece of advice to take away from all of this."- said You
Perfect question You!
Always read the label. There is a difference with gluten being in a product, and the product being made in the same factory as gluten. The allergy label is what I read. I don't sit there and go through all the ingredients, I don't know about you but I don't have that much time! I look at the back, and read the allergy label. They MUST put a allergy label. FDA demands they do.
I really hope this helps give you a clear picture of just what Gluten actually is and to help you avoid those types of food. It's really hard at first to go Gluten-free. But in the past year, there have been so many brands pop up that offer safe alternatives for you.
My 3 favorite brands to buy are:
Quest Nutrition
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below. If I get enough questions, I will do a whole segment on them. Like a question and answer day.
Also, don't forget Mix and Match Mama herself is hosting her very own Younique party. So head on over and check it out!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Hello...My name is Dani Lynn Lewis and this is my blog. First off, I would love to tell you a little about myself. I am a Christian. I believe in One True God and that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I am a wife of an incredibly good-looking man, Bobby. We have been together for over 10 years, married almost 3 of those years. High School sweethearts we are (ok...take a moment and everyone say Awe!)! I am mom to 2 wonderful, spoiled dogs. Yes, I said dogs. Bullet is my French Bulldog and Dash is my white Labrador mix. They are my pride and joys! I am an aunt to 5 amazing, perfect children. There's Landry Smith, 5 (who is my sister Kara's daughter), Colton Talbert, 4 (who is my sister-in-law Angie's son), Kent Lewis, 3 (who is my brother-in-law Billy's son), Hayden Smith, 8 months (Kara's son) and Billie Marie Lewis, 6 weeks (Billy's daughter). I have 1 sister (Kara), 3 brother-in-law's (Tim, Matt & Billy), 2 sister-in-laws (Angie & Kristen), 2 parents (Danny & Janet), 2 in-laws (Bill & Debbie), & 4 grandparents (Granddaddy, Grammy, Paw-Paw & Honey). I have 4 cousins (Chase, Brett, Jake & Stephanie), 2 aunts (Karen and Diane), 2 uncles (Steve & Donny) and 1 cat (Boots) & 12 dogs (Maddy, Angel, Duke, Daisy, Lucky, Romo, Izzy, Bella, Daisy, Riley, Romo & Macy)(yes, 2 Daisy's and 2 Romo's) somewhere in this whole mix of people. My favorite color is PINK....everything pink. If I could make every room in my house have some sort of pink in it, I would. I see it, and I am automatically happy. I love country music, was raised on Garth Brooks and Shaina Twain. I currently work for Lightbeam Health Solutions as an Executive Assistant. I sell a makeup product called Younique. I love wine. I actually am extremely knowledgeable in wine. I have been to France to study wine...that was fun! I think the coolest thing about me that I am Gluten-Free! I went gluten-free about a year and half ago due to migraines and stomach problems (my whole life). A week after I went Gluten-Free, I was 100% better. I have not had 1 migraine since then nor do I have the awful stomach aches. (It's a good thing Wine is gluten-free!)
The best thing about me is my husband, my dogs, my family and my friends. I am constantly surrounded by love and faith. I have a lot of fun and I don't make excuses for myself or for anyone. I believe everyone is created equal, that no one is better than the person next to them. I don't judge or bash or criticize other people for the choices they make. I am not perfect and I don't try to be. I just try to be the best I can be and let everything else fall where it may.
Welcome to my blog! Here I will help you with learning about Gluten and how to keep it out of the diet. I will also be keeping you updated on my Younique makeup line as well as some tasty wines to try. Oh and I will always throw in a few pictures of my family. Feel free to follow me on Instagram (dani_lynn_lewis), Facebook (Dani Clemens-Lewis) and Pinterest (Dani Lewis).
My gorgeous husband and myself
Bullet and Dash
The makeup line I sell. For more information, please go to
I am always looking for people to join my team so please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in learning more. I always have an online party going on where you can shop from. Right now, I have teamed up with Mix and Match Mama herself, Mrs. Shay Shull. She has a wonderful party going on. Here is the link if you would love to shop from her party. 
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