Wednesday, April 13, 2016

30 in 30: 9 and 10: Own my own golf cart and drive a golf cart

When I was around the age of ten, my mom's parents lived in this place that allowed them to have a golf cart. It was a lake and golf community in East Texas that they lived at for a short period of time but my sister and I loved going there. We would go exploring and hiking and do all sorts of things. But our favorite thing was to ride around in the golf cart. I was always too young to drive it. So Kara would drive us around. We had the best time. Fast forward 19 years and Bobby and I find the most perfect house on the golf course. For the past couple of months, we have been talking about buying one. We have a Tom Thumb right around the corner and it would make it so easy to hop on it to go there for a few items. Plus we lived on the golf course, it would be fun. And.....we honestly just wanted one. 

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 9: Own my own golf cart

Bobby has been looking for the past months on Craigslist. We knew we didn't want to buy a new one because we wouldn't be using it that much to justify the spending of it. He would look a few nights a week and last week he finally found one. It was in great condition, new battery, new tires and wheels, very well kept and the guy selling it lives on the same golf course as us, just on the other side. So Bobby went over there, loved it, came home and told me about it and I said "Why not?! We keep talking about it, we both want one and we only live once." So we did it! We bought one. It is just a two seater at the moment but we plan on adding a seat in the back in the future. We took it to pick up dinner the night we got it and it was so much fun. Brought back memories of being a little girl, except this time I was seated next to my husband and I was holding on to my son for dear life! Brody loved it btw! Bullet even got to ride on it! 

It wasn't until a few days later did I realize that I had never drove one. I racked my brain thinking back to all the times I had been in one, around one, near one and if I had ever stepped foot on the gas of one and I never had. 

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 10: learn to drive a golf cart

I am really weird about doing new things. I don't mind learning but when it comes to physically doing it, I tend to back out. It's the shy side of me. It's the "I hate being center of attention" side of me. I never mind being the passenger. I don't have to be in driver seat. My blog is the only thing I really do that makes me stand out as far as spilling my guts and being the center of attention. I hate looking stupid. HATE IT! So I was nervous about learning how to do this. I didn't want to push the wrong pedal or flip myself or go to fast or too slow or hit something! All of these things went through my head, almost to the point of backing out. But I didn't. I grabbed my husband and into the garage we went. 
(side note: my mom watched Brody while we did this. He wasn't just chilling in the house by himself).
So I get in the driver seat and Bobby explains all the turns and knobs. After a quick tutorial, I take the break off and press my foot on the pedal. It was so much easier than I thought. I thought it was going to just shoot out from under me. But it didn't. And when I got to the stop sign, I wanted to turn my blinker on but realized there isn't a blinker LOL 
Thanks baby for teaching me!