Tuesday, April 5, 2016

35 weeks

How old? 35 weeks

Likes? Oreo's and snuggling

Hates? Falling

Milestones this week? Standing on his own. I stood him up next to the ottoman, facing me and spread his legs and feet out so he was steady and let go. He just stood there staring at me. Then he fell face forward into me. He is also trying to make his way around the ottoman, like walk around it while holding on. He just gets scared to pick up his feet without me holding on to him. He will get soon though. 

Sleeping? So much better. Sleeping through the night mostly. I've decided to stop getting him. The last time I got him, he only took an ounce of milk and just wanted me to hold him in the rocker. I can't be getting in that habit because momma needs sleep! 

Eating? So I am allergic to pineapples and this week I let him try them out. He had a bad rash on his chest about an hour after eating them but we couldn't figure out if it was a reaction or just him playing hard. They say to try new foods for 5 days to see so we are doing that (unless they have an immediate reaction to something). Last night I noticed a small rash under his lips but I am sticking to the 5 day thing to see.