Friday, April 15, 2016

Prayers needed

So tomorrow Kristen and I embark on a new adventure for both of us. 

We are tackling a half marathon. 

13..1 miles. 

Two weekends ago we ran 7 miles.

Last weekend we ran close to 10 miles. 

Tomorrow we will run the farthest either one of us has ever ran. 

We will push our bodies to the most extreme. 

We will work-out the longest we've ever worked out before. 

It may possibly take us 5 hours to cross the finish line......but we will cross the finish line! 

I wanted to do this as a 30 in 30. 

I told myself it would be fun. 

I never imagined how hard it would be.

How many hours I would have to put in, training. 

Kristen said something to me Saturday as we were jogging along. 

She said "It's all mental. Your mind is telling you, you are tired. But you aren't. Your body will keep going because that's what it's trained to do. Get your mind in the same place."

I never asked her to do it with me.

She volunteered when she saw my list. 

Her will to keep running, keeps me running. 

She never complains when I tell her I need to walk. 

She told me that she was doing this for me. 

As a support system for myself. 

She seriously has been the best for me. 

I love you Kristen Marie Lewis!

I wanted to take the time to say a prayer for us.

A few moments with God before we embark on this adventure together. 

Dear God,
Thank you for giving me the courage to take this half marathon on. Thank you for being with me in all of my training. Thank you for giving Kristen the want to do this with me. I pray for us tomorrow. I pray for no injuries. I pray for us to have fun. I pray for us to enjoy this time together. To enjoy doing this. I pray for strength in the times I don't want to keep going. I pray for my feet to stay sturdy, my legs to stay strong, my arms to keep moving, my head in the game and my heart to keep pumping. Lord, you have been incredibly good to me. Thank you for a husband who encourages me daily, a baby who makes living in this world the best, a family who loves me and Kristen! I love you Lord and please stay with Kris and I tomorrow. 

If you are reading this, please say a small prayer for Kris and I and all the rest of the runners tomorrow. Just pray for strength and no injuries. 

Doesn't matter how you cross the finish line or how long it takes you to cross, just cross it! 

Good luck tomorrow to all of you running the Irving Marathon/ Half Marathon/ 10k/ 5k/ Fun Run!