Tuesday, April 12, 2016

36 weeks

How old? 36 weeks

Likes? Chocolate chip pancakes

Hates? Corn

Milestones this week? He was standing by the ottoman, holding on and I saw him eyeing the couch. He normally will fall to his butt, crawl over to the couch and pick himself back up but this time he let go of the ottoman and reached for the couch and made it. I was so proud of him. Also, we are sleeping through the night now. BIG accomplishment in my household. 

Sleeping? He finally has gotten it. Naps too. Well...sorta on naps. His morning nap is somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour and 1/2 and his afternoon naps are somewhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours. He goes down around 8:30pm and sleeps till at least 7:30am. I do think his teeth are bothering him again because Sunday into Monday morning he woke up 3 times and I finally had to go in there at 5am to console him and give him his pacifier. On the baby monitor, he was chewing on every blanket he could find. I just rocked him for about 5 minutes and laid him back in bed. Sometimes he just needs to be reminded he's ok and that he's not alone. 

Eating? This week we tried oranges for the first time and he loved them. The orange I got wasn't super sour or sweet. It was more of a tamed taste so that was a nice way to get him started. He also loves raspberries. Fresh raspberries. He also tried nachos for the first time. He's had a chip before and cheddar cheese but never the ballpark kind of cheese and never together. You know what I am talking about. The good kind that reminds me of baseball season. Momma had jalapenos all over them but I found some without and he loved it! I made canned corn this week for him and he kept making a face and spitting them out. Luckily corn has no nutricious value so it didn't bother me that he didn't like it.