Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Angela and Donna

Over the weekend, someone I love dearly got married. Well....sort of. They had already been married so this was more of a renew their vows in front of their friends and family ordeal. But never the less, it was beautiful. 

When Bobby and I got married, we had our reception at this place called Lofty Spaces in Dallas. Well, their wedding/reception happened to be at the same location. It was so neat going back after all these years. I still love that place so very much! 

My kid was in the best of moods. Like overly happy. You wouldn't know it by our family photo but the rest of the night, he was laughing and smiling and just great. He got Aunt Kara time, Pop time, Mimi time and even Uncle Tim time! He didn't have to share anyone's attention with his cousins. It made for a great night. 

This kid! My sister captured this for me. I love when I am with someone who likes to take photos as much as me and tries to capture the small things. 

Curtis walking Angela down the aisle. Weddings are my favorite. I could go to weddings everyday. They just showcase love at it's ultimate high. 

Angela and Donna saying their vows. 

Ok.....why can't he smile like this for Bobby and me in our photo? Oh I know why.....because momma is behind the camera and it's his cue to smile. When everyone else is behind the camera and momma is holding him, he frowns or gets his serious face on! 

 Again, Brody is Uncle Tim's favorite child EVER. He just doesn't hold children and he will hold Brody. It may be for 30 seconds and we have to force him but I get my picture. Tim is so handsome! 

 Brody got to meet Donna. He got to meet Angela too but I don't have a photo unfortunately.

Fun times with Pop. Or I like to call it "Pop gives me cookies and I go crazy for the next 20 minutes!"

 My boys! Lord help me. My husband couldn't be any hotter and my son couldn't be any cuter. #blessed
They also have the best relationship. I have noticed that when we get in a large crowd or an unfamiliar area, Brody gravitates towards Bobby. Like he is his protector no matter what. And I love that! 

 And then we have some Aunt Kara time. I tell you....this kid was in heaven all night. Usually there is a 7 year old in his face and a 2 year old saying Brobee Brobee Brobee all night. So the fact that he got everyone to himself made for one happy baby! 

So I stole this next photo off of facebook because I wanted you to see how beautiful Angela looked! Angela, I hope you don't mind :-) 

Favorite photos of the night: 
My dad and my son

My beautiful family

Donna and Angela,
I am so excited for the both of you. Marriage is such a special thing. Having someone to love is the best feeling in the world. Knowing that you have a best friend for life, in everything that you do, just makes this world seem like a better place. I pray for a long life of happiness and adventure and love for the both of you. Love you both and Congratulations!