Thursday, April 28, 2016


Dear Diary,

Every so often, I like to tell you about the things I just can't live without. A few products/items/things I use/eat/love on the daily. 

Let's check it out. 

Superhero shirt
I bought this shirt a few months back for Brody and I couldn't wait for him to wear it. And what better day to wear it then today. National Superhero Day. It is from Emerald Sky and you all know how much I love them! Head on over to their website for more products. Oh and I heard a rumor that tomorrow they are having a flash sale on something super awesome so follow them on instagram so you can find out what that is. 

I am huge french fry lover. Could eat french fries everyday. So when Bobby brought these home, I was a little hesitant. But OMG! They are amazing. Come in 4 different flavors (our favs are carrot and broccoli). They crisp up super nice and best thing, Brody devours them. He makes yummm sounds the whole time he eats them. Bonus: they are gluten free and packed full of veggies. We buy them at Sprouts. 

I found these at Kroger and bought just one flavor because I wasn't sure of them. I am hesitant on protein bars because I don't like a protein taste. Why I love Quest bars so much. I originally bought the Blueberry Cashew Pumpkin Seed because I knew it would have sweetness to it. LOVED it. So the next week, I bought all 5 flavors. LOVED them all. My favorite is the Roasted Peanut Dark Chocolate. Has real dark chocolate pieces in it. The 3 other flavors are; Dark Chocolate Cranberry Almond, Mocha Cocoa Hazelnut and Nuts & Seeds & Sea Salt. 

A while back, I got a Bath and Body Works coupon for a free travel size item of my choosing. So I hopped in the car and went. The girl there showed me a section of the travel items, and after smelling a few I settled on one scent. You know sometimes you truly don't know the smell until you use it. So I got it home and forgot about it. Weeks later I pulled it out because I was out of bath soap and tried it out. It was like my childhood came flooding back to me. Has that ever happened to you? You smell something and it takes you back. I still can not tell you what this smell reminds me of, all I know is it just makes me feel like a little girl again. Everytime I use it, I try my hardest to remember what it is. Oh well! It's called MoonLight Path and I am addicted. To the point I placed an online order of almost all the products that come in that smell. Bobby loves it too. Win win

So Coachella was over the past two weekends (thank you Instagram for the thousand reminders) and I always look forward to seeing what people wear. It's the place to be. Anyone who is everyone is there. If you are a celebrity, you show up sometime between the two weekends. Each year it gets bigger and better. And one year I am going. I made a promise to myself I am going. It seems like so much fun! Anyways....H&M always does a Coachella line and I always buy from it. I just love the laid back hippy style it is. Go look and shop. Favorite pieces this year are:

Alisan Porter
I am so in love with this girl. You might remember her as Curly Sue all those years ago. Well she is all grown up and now on The Voice on Team Christina. She has the voice of an angel. Everytime she sings, I get goose bumps. I am supporting her to win this year. It is time for a girl to win and time a girl coach to win. Look her up on YouTube to see all of her performance. You will be blown away! 

Gevalia Kaffe Cappuccino
When I was at Target a few weeks ago (Brody and I go weekly) I saw this coffee in the coffee aisle. So I bought it. It looked interesting and I love cappuccinos. I had no idea how amazing it would be. I add a little bit of my favorite creamer, add in the dry milk (which smells like marshmallows) and then do the Keurig like normal. Then once it's done, I stir it really good and it becomes all frothy. OMG! I am addicted. 

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Mousse
So I have always loved yogurt. But they can have a lot of sugar and there are some that really aren't good for you. Dannon put out a Light & Fit which was only 80 calories and I ate them all up. Then I noticed a couple months ago, they put out this mousse version. So I bought one to try about a month ago and lord help me. They are the best yogurts I have ever had. They are light and airy and feel kind of like a marshmallow in your mouth. Yoplait makes one as well and they are just as good but they are 100 calories. My favorite flavor of the Dannon is the Salted Caramel. 

Think there is something I need to try or would love or a place I just have to shop from, let me know! 

Love, Me