Monday, April 4, 2016

8 months old

How old? 8 months

Weight? 23..10 pounds (90 percentile)

Length? 28..7 inches (91 percentile)

Likes? Mac and cheese, the dogs, being held, selfies, bubbles, his large play activity center his Aunt Kara gave him, standing, his Elephant walker

Dislikes? Being sick (momma hates this too)

Eating? He eats so much! I sit him in his highchair and almost anything I give him he will eat. We have tried a lot of new things this month. Mac and cheese, strawberries, pineapples, Oreo's, chicken nuggets, Pop-Tarts, cereal bar, string cheese, Pirate's Booty, Spaghetti O's. 

Sleeping? We are getting there with sleeping. The past 3 nights I haven't gone in there when he wakes. He is learning the art of going back to sleep on his own. He has finally come to love his bed so that has helped. And I keep a lot of blankets, pacifiers and lovies in there for him to pick from. He is napping twice a day, both times in his bed. 

Awake? When this kid is awake, he is going. We don't stop moving and playing. Which is great because he is starting to wear himself out. 

Milestones? So many this month. Pulling up, standing on his own, sleeping, trying his hand at walking with assistances, full on crawling and getting places super fast, opening drawers, climbing up the stairs in our bedroom with assistances. When I go get him after he has woke, he is usually always standing up in his bed. All he wants to do is stand. He pulls himself up on anything and everything. He can't stand to be sitting. He is on the go all the time. 

Anything new? We have hit the snuggling stage. He has always loved being held, being loved on, sleeping next to him but this past week or so, he has really gotten the hang of snuggling. One day after I got him from his nap, I had like 10 minutes of one of my shows left so I placed him in my lap and he just sat there, with the back of his head on my shoulder and let me wrap my arms around him and just watch TV. Since he was so sick, I think he liked the idea of snuggling, of letting mom and dad hold on to him and just relax some. 

How's mom and dad? We are good. He is getting to such a fun age that it is making it easier on us. We are able to find time for each other more (minus when Brody was sick). We are finding a nice balance for each other. We don't really do date nights but it's ok. The weather is becoming beautiful so we have been finding patios to sit on since we take Brody. Brody will view the atmosphere and people watch and B and I just talk. 

How's Dash and Bullet? The love Brody. They love when he is on the floor and will play with them. Brody usually just wants to crawl all over them or try to stand up on them so to say that they aren't worn out at the end of the day would be a lie. This is what they look like after Brody goes to bed. 

Photo dump...
Bath times are the best with this kid. As soon as he hits the water, he lights up. He loves to splash and roll around and eat the bubbles. 

 Brody is blessed to have so many other children around him. From cousins, to second cousins to friends. Just blessed. 

 My kid. His smile gets me every time! No matter my day, he can always make it better. 

 This is how we Target or anywhere that he has to sit in the front. I use to alway baby Bjorn him, it was just easier and he would sleep that way. But now that we are sleeping better and we are 23 pounds, we sit like a big kid. Or a gangster....whichever floats his boat. 

 Play time on his elephant walker

 FaceTime with a few of his favorite people

Favorite photo this month?  
First one is a funny story. There is this girl I absolutely adore who has been friends with Bobby for years and years, before I was even in the picture. She sent me a text telling me that her brother isn't a big fan of babies but every time he is around her, he grabs her phone, pulls up instagram and heads over to my page. He thinks Brody is the cutest baby EVER (duh!). He was scrolling through and started laughing. He told her that Brody looks like a particular cartoon character. She then sent me a picture of who he was referring too and ever since then, that's all I see when Brody looks at me a certain way. My little Jack Jack!

My next favorite photo this month took place yesterday, on our lazy Sunday afternoon. I swear all I need are these two (besides my Lord). These two complete me in everyway. They make me laugh, they piss me off, they love me the most, one thinks I run the world and one gives me the world. They have a wonderful relationship. I might be his favorite thing on the planet but he thinks his daddy is the best! And his daddy is the best.