Tuesday, April 26, 2016

38 weeks

How old? 38 weeks

Likes? Penguins

Hates? Riding in the car in the dark

Milestones this week? Smiling on cue. He's always been a poser but getting him to smile was always me dancing around looking like a crazy person. But as soon as he sees my phone out, he smiles at me. Or laughs. He is such a ham and his personality is on full blast. He has also learned to climb stairs. We have 3 stairs going into our bedroom from the living room and he has mastered the first one. When he did it, he sat down and started clapping. I clapped for him and immediately brought him back down to ground level. 

Sleeping? Great! He loves to sleep finally. He goes down around 8/8:15pm and then sleeps anywhere till 7-9am. Everyday is a mystery on when he will wake. Then about 2 hours after he has woken, he will take about an hour and half nap and then in the afternoon, he will go down around 2:30/3pm and sleep for about an hour and half as well. 

Eating? This week he tried ravioli for the first time and loved it. Funny thing about it was he didn't want to eat it with his hands. He wanted to eat them off a fork. Which was fine for me but it was just funny how he picked one up and dropped it and then screamed at me. I tell you...his personality is full on crazy!