Thursday, April 14, 2016


Dear Diary,

I just want to let it know that I will never talk politics on my blog. We each have our own opinion and that is great and all, but no one real honestly cares about others when it comes to political views. You either agree or you don't. You either like the person running or you don't. You're either #trumpforpresident or your #hillaryforpresident or #screwthemboth. Whatever you may be, you will never hear mine. I will never talk about it or cover it. 

Why you ask?

Because I don't want to hear how wrong I am for liking someone. Or how I'm wrong to vote for them. Or I'm stupid because I believe in something they say. This isn't what this blog is about for me.

Yes it is about my life, my thoughts, my family, my religion, my friends BUT it won't ever be about politics. I apologize to those who are curious as to what I think or actually do care about my views on it. I don't write this to be mean. I just want it out there as we approach the election. 

And before you try talking to me about politics, I will excuse myself or ask that you not. I honestly don't want to get in a discussion about it with anyone. The only person who truly knows my views is my husband. And I plan on leaving it there. 

Love, Me