Monday, February 15, 2016

30 in 30: 8: Foods I have never had before

It's always something I have wanted to do. Go into a grocery store, purchased fruits and veggies I've never had before and try them. If you know anything about me, I am NOT an adventurous eater. I stick to what I know and what I like. I am not one to try new things when it comes to food. I gag really easily so even the slightest weirdest thing turns me off.

So here we are: 30 in 30: number 8: New foods

Saturday morning, Bobby, Brody and I loaded up and headed over to Central Market. When we arrived, we started in the veggies. I never realized how many vegetables I have actually tried. I could only find one veggie I had never had before (at this location). A radish. Someone once described to me that a radish is like an onion and an apple had a baby. And since I hate onions, I knew radishes would never be something I ate or even try for that matter. But for today's sake, I figured why not! Then we moved over to the fruit section. There are so many more fruits I had never had, so it was fun going through them all. I had no idea what I was buying or what any of it would taste like. We got a Fuyu, Rambutan, Pepino Melon, Cactus Pear, Starfruit, and a Uniq. The night before, Bobby and I watched Shark Tank and one of the things on it was a honey made from apples. So we found that in the store and got that, since I had never had a honey made from apples.

Here are the items I am about to try: 

Fuyu: It's like a wanna be cantaloupe, crunchy, pear like, not much flavor

 Would I ever eat it again? No

Rambutan: Grape like, looks like sushi, expensive, nice flavor

 Would I ever eat it again? Yes

Pepino Melon: plain, earthy, honeydew like

 Would I ever eat it again? No

Cactus Pear: seeds made it hard to eat, no flavor, grainy, ended up spitting it out

 Would I eat it again? No

Starfruit: it's like a mixture of an apple and a grape, a little sour like a lemon, crisp, delicious

 Would I eat this again? Yes

Uniq: orange like, a little sour like a lemon, a litter bitter as well

 Would I eat this again? Yes

Radish: crunchy, earthy, crisp

 Would I eat this again? Yes

Bee Free Honee: nice, sweet, good alternative for real honey, safe for children because it's made from apples, vegan

Would I eat this again? Yes

What a fun experience. All of the foods above, Bobby had never tried before either (minus the radish) so it was fun having him try these with me. He is way more of an adventurous eater than me, so this wasn't a big deal to him. We even let Brody try all these things. That kid just loves food. 

In conclusion...
What was I most surprised about? Rambutan: When Bobby brought it out, I was like Hell No! It looks like a creature. But it really surprised me on how good it was. 

What was I most disappointed in? Pepino Melon: I was really hoping for something so delicious and juicy and it was neither.

What will I continue to buy? Starfruit: TRY TRY TRY if you never have. It is sooooo good!  

I am seriously behind in my 30 in 30. It is much harder finding things to do when you have a baby with you 24/7. But I am going to finish this thing...I am determined. If you know of any kid friendly things I could do, please let me know. Would love some advice.