Tuesday, February 9, 2016

27 weeks

How old? 27 weeks

Likes? Blueberries and Bananas

Hates? When he can't get to a certain place in the speed he would like

Milestones this week? Crawling. Well scooting across the floor. Once this kid gets something, he does his best to master it quick. One night he is just laying on the floor and the next night he is moving himself. He loves that he can get somewhere now. He does get frustrated pretty fast when he can't get to something quick enough, but he is enjoying the freedom. B and I just let him have as much space as he wants. And that walker of his is just a place for him to have free range. He has discovered drawers in the kitchen and he loves to run over the trash can. He can be in it and be in the kitchen with us and move about with us. 

Sleeping? The past couple of days, Brody has slept in his bed for his afternoon nap. This is a big deal. I will take him in there at 3, give him a 6oz bottle and rock him for about 5/10 minutes. Then I would lay him in his bed and he would sleep for about an hour and 1/2. THIS IS A BIG DEAL! I am hoping we are on the right track for this. Sleeping has been the biggest issue with this kid. Doctor says that some kids just don't need a lot of sleep or aren't comfortable sleeping on their own. That there is nothing wrong it. We as adults think there is a certain way for kids to do things and that isn't always the case. 

Eating? I really wanted to wait to start fruit. I was in no rush to do it. But the doctor told me last week to go ahead and start them. That they are good for him and for allergy reasons, he needs to have them. BUT momma's rule is he HAS to have his veggies first, then he can have his fruit.