Tuesday, February 2, 2016

26 weeks

How old? 26 weeks

Likes? Sweet potatoes and carrots 

Hates? Zucchini, like won't eat anything that has it in it. Turns his face and screams. 

Milestones this week? He has really mastered his walker. You put him in it and away he goes. He isn't very good at steering himself and runs into everything but if he has a long stretch of space, those legs just take off. My poor toes have been run over so many times and if the dogs aren't paying attention, they get ran over. 

Sleeping? He is doing better at sleeping, except now he seems to have a small cold. So he wakes up a little congested and stuffy. We go to his 6 month appointment on Thursday and I am afraid she is going to tell me it's his ears again. Poor kid might be getting tubes. 

Eating? He loves to eat. Since I make his baby food, it has been a fun experiment seeing him try new things and watching him chew. He is extremely good at chewing, never just swallows or chokes. He loves his puffs, he's even tried a very small piece of a Goldfish (the amount of yumms that came out of his mouth made me laugh so hard). When I go to his doctor this week, I am going to see what else she will clear him for to eat. His whole world is about to open up for him with food and I can't wait to hear the yumms.