Tuesday, February 16, 2016

28 weeks

How old? 28 weeks

Likes? Being read to. He loves books.

Hates? When the dogs fight around him. And by fight, I mean play fight where they get rough with each other. If he can hear it and see it, it usually makes him scream at them. 

Milestones this week? Sitting up. He can fully sit up on his own. He can't get in that position on his own, but if I put him down on the floor he will stay there until he decides he wants to crawl (scoot) somewhere. He is also pushing himself up some. Like he will get on his tummy and do like a plank. Before I know it, this kid is going to be pulling up on stuff. Oh and his second tooth has finally come in! So we are much happier at home. 

Sleeping? We have slept through the night twice! Even though he is waking up earlier than B and I would like, he has been able to put himself back to sleep in the middle of the night. Both nights I went to make him a bottle and before I got in there, he had put himself back to sleep. I don't sleep through the night because I hear him and watch him to make sure he's ok. Sometimes he gets himself stuck or he has pooped so I just make sure it's not any of that. 

Eating? This past week he has tried so many things. I let him try a Saltine cracker (a tiny bite for those who just thought 'what a bad parent'). He tried mango and black bing cherries, both he devoured.