Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl

Well....Cam didn't win and that's ok because the Bronco's really stepped up their game and Manning just killed it. And congrats to you for having 200 winning games and being the highest winning quarterback of all time. And if you do decide to retire this year, I wish you well. You seem like an incredible man, someone men of all ages should look up to. 

But enough about the actual football game.....I want to get to what was really awesome about last night.

1) Lady Gaga- I have no idea why she did the national anthem and not performed half time but whatever. I love LOVE her. She's brilliant, beautiful and can sing so good. She killed the national anthem. With her red jumpsuit and sparkly red eye shadow, she even had blue fingernails. Just everything screamed America. She looked amazing, she sounded even better. If you missed it, here it is below.

2) Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce- I have to be honest, when I heard Coldplay was doing the halftime show, I was a little skeptical. Yes, they are great and have great songs but I just didn't think they could rock it. Boy was I WRONG! Then you add a little Uptown Funk and Bey to the mix....Brody and I couldn't stop dancing. Speaking of Brody, he loves music and was captivated by their performances. He watched the whole thing, even as I was jumping around with him. But what I loved so very much was the reminiscing of the past 50 years of halftime performers. That was just creatively done. If you missed it, here it is below.

3) The commercials- I wait every year for the commericals. They are my favorite part. And I always usually go peak to see what will be this year. But I didn't do it this year. I wanted them to be a surprise for myself. So I taped the Super Bowl in my bedroom and after putting Brody down for the night, I went in and rewatched all the commercials. Have to say.....was a little disappointed in them. It was a bunch of movie trailers which was cool but I can look up movie trailers any time I want. I made notes and I wrote down that I liked 16 of them. And you might be thinking, Dani....thats a lot! But not really when you think about how many commercial breaks there are and at 3 commercials during each break, that's really not that many. Was anyone else disappointed that there wasn't a Clydesdale commercial? Yes, I know Bud did a commercial and they were kind of featured in it but I wait every year for the Budweiser commercial, it always makes me cry. So I was upset with that.

Here are the 16 I liked the best:

Kevin Hart- First Date- Hyundai Genesis

Avocados from Mexico

Michelob- Breathe

Doritos- Ultrasound

Mountain Dew- PuppyMonkeyBaby

Squarespace- Real Talk with Key and Peele

Bud Light- Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen

T-Mobile- Drop the ball with Steve Harvey

Hyundai- Ryan Reynolds

Coke Mini- Hulk vs Ant-Man

Amazon Echo- Alec Baldwin

Jeep- Portraits

Doritos- Dogs in supermarket

Heinz- Meet the ketchups

Honda Ridgeline- Sheep

Budweiser- Helen Mirren Give a Damn 

If I have to pick my top favorites, I would pick Heinz, Doritos Dog, Honda Sheep and Jeep. I feel those 4 really nailed it and I will remember for years to come.    
What commercial(s) was your favorite?