Friday, February 19, 2016

A Day in the Life of Dani and Brody

I got this idea from Shay, Amber and my sister and I love when they do it.

I thought I would showcase what it's like for my little B and me during our day. The day was last Friday and we had a lot planned that day. Our day is different everyday. No 2 days are alike for us. 

So let's get started!

I wake up anywhere between 12:30-4:30am to give him a bottle, even though there have been a few nights where he has slept through the night. This morning it was 1:55am. 
Then I am back to bed about 30 minutes later. Then he will wake anywhere between 6:30-8:30am. This morning he woke at 7:40am. If he is not screaming, I let him play in his bed as long as he isn't upset. This morning he played for about 20 minutes. (if you happen to look close enough at my apps, they are alphabetized). 

Then I go and get him. He is usually really happy in the morning. Like uber happy. The mornings are the best with him. He loves his lovies. I don't have a bumper around his crib for safety reasons, but when he was first going into his bed, he would hit his head on the backboard and just scream. So I took his lovies and laid them in a row and he loved it. He can grab whichever one he wants and snuggle. He also loves that elephant. He usually wrestles it when he wakes up. And there is the infamous baby blanket too. 

After he is up for a little bit, he is ready to eat breakfast. He gets a bowl of either oatmeal or rice cereal. He still loves it. If he doesn't take a middle of the night feeding, he will get a bottle as soon as he wakes up, and then his cereal about an hour later. But if he does have a bottle in the middle of the night, I give him cereal. 

Then it's mommas turn for breakfast. I take my birth control and my thyroid medicine before I eat or drink anything. I then make a coffee with lots of cream and eat my protein bar. 

While I am doing that, he is normally doing this! (he is never far)

I hate doing dishes at night. Even though they get piled up during the day, I just don't do them at night. I am tired and just want to chill after he goes down. So I do them in the morning. And recently, I have had a helper. He loves when I do dishes. 

While we are doing that, this man of mine is hard at work. We try to stay quiet for him but it doesn't work out too well. 
After the dishes are done, it's time to play a little. So he goes on the rug with some of his favorite toys and watches a little Mickey Mouse. Then it's time for a diaper change (because he's almost 99% of the time, pooped) and to get dressed for the day! Today was a beautiful day so we wore one of my favorite outfits. Then it's into the exersaucer for some leg work-outs and to finish Mickey. 

Then it's time for me to get ready. It takes me a long time to pick out what I am going to wear. Since only half of my wardrobe fits me, I just have a hard time finding something I am comfortable in. And because I take forever, a little someone has gone a long time without me and usually ends up on my closet floor. 

After I have picked out what I am wearing, it is time for him to go into his walker and me to put on my makeup, but not before he looks at himself in the mirror. He is his father's son after all. 
 During (yes I sit on the counter. I purchased a chair a long time but have yet to put it together. and yes, those are Captain America tights haha)
 After, with my best accessory on my hip

Then it's time for a 5 ounces bottle and we are ready to go bye bye! 

As soon as I hit the road, he is asleep. If he is in the car, he is asleep. Then we get to Southlake where we are meeting my sister, Hayden and my mom for some lunch on this beautiful day. Kara hasn't seen Brody since Christmas so there was much bonding going on. And Brody loves Hayden so it was only right he gave him like a thousand kisses. 

Then we head on home and after we get in, it is time for him to take half of his dosage of his acid reflux medicine. He is supposed to take 2.5ML a day, but I found when he took the whole dosage before bed, by 1pm the following day he was uncomfortable. So I decided to split it in half. So he takes half after lunch and the other half right before bed. 
Then it is back to the floor for some more play time. And what would playtime be without some licks from Bullet. These dogs have slowly come to love this kid of mine. They follow him, if he is crying Dash will go to him and if he is within licking distance, they lick him. After we play on the floor, we go outside and swing. He loves swinging. It is one of his favorite things to do. 

Then it is nap time. He takes a 6 ounces bottle while I rock him. I rock him for about 10 minutes after his bottle to get my snuggle time in and then lay him in his bed. He usually wakes for a split second, rolls over to his elephant and is back out. I put his blanket on him and leave the room. He likes it really quiet when he naps. 
And at this time, it is time for me to relax and catch up on some TV. It's usually either Wendy Williams, Ellen or General Hospital. Or all 3 if he takes a really good nap. I also will make me another cup of coffee. I love coffee around 4pm. It is my favorite time of day to drink coffee. 

On this day he took an hour and half nap. Which is great coming from the kid who use to not nap. By this time, Bobby is home and his work has slowed down some so we usually go get him together. I know it's cheesy but Brody loves it. 

I usually make his baby food on Sunday but I realized I had no fruit for him. He had never had mango before so I figured it was time for him to try it. He loved it! I mean, who doesn't love fresh mangoes?! After dinner time, he will sit up as far as the seat will go and play with some teething toys. He loves to chew on them and will sit here for a good 30 minutes. His new thing is taking them all and throwing them on the ground and then staring at us like "you're going to pick those up right". Haha

So you may think the next picture was one that was staged, but y'all it is not. This man of mine cooks, cleans, makes a great bartender and is incredibly gorgeous. He cooks dinner every night we don't get take-out, and he cleans about twice a week. He is a neat freak and thinks I clean bad so whatever. Not gonna hear me complain. This night he made peanut butter stir-fry, broccoli and rice.

 While we eat, Brody will either play in his ball pit or be in his walker below us, screaming for bites of food. Tonight was the ball pit. 
Then after dinner, we feed the dogs and then go into the living room and play on the floor again. This night, Brody wanted to get to his pups and I watched this kid of mine try to pull himself up. When he is determined to do something, he does it. He is growing up way too fast! 

 It is about this time, around 7:30 Brody starts getting really cranky. It's his witchy time so at that time, we always go to our bedroom. He loves playing on our bed. It's big, comfy and he can roll around with the dogs. And give kisses whenever he pleases because we are always with him when he's on the bed. 

Then it is time for the other half of his medicine and some motrin for his teeth. I run his bath water, Bobby reads him a book and then into the bath he goes. Lately, Bobby has been brushing his teeth and he loves it. While they do bath time (it's their time together), I make him his 8 ounce bottle, get his bed back in order and turn his music on. At night he likes to sleep to music, during the day he likes it quiet. He's such a diva sometimes! Then it's nighttime diaper, lotion and PJ's. He takes his bottle and passes out. He never wakes when I transfer him to his bed.

 After I sneak out, it is time for some one and one with my man. Since it was Friday, we watch Shark Tank. Then I head off to take my bath and crash into bed. But not before I play my favorite game, Farm Heroes Saga (nerd alert). It is 10:30 and I am done! 

So that wraps up a day in the life. I had such a fun time doing this. It was fun looking back on our day together and how much fun I have with this kid of mine. I can't describe what it's like getting to spend my days with him. I am so blessed to have a husband who let's me work part-time so I can do this. Getting to see him grow is just the best thing in the world.