Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lots to love

Every so often I love doing these blogs. Where I talk about things I can't live without right now in my life. So many small things get me through the day and showcasing these just makes me happy. Let's get started. 

So if you follow me on Instagram, you have noticed I am so in love with a certain T-shirt company. They are called Emerald Sky and I love their shirts. They make them for everyone in your family. It's 3 sisters, who I personally know, who started this company and I couldn't be more excited for them. All the shirts below are them. Just click on their name above to go to their website. And follow them on Instagram! They run specials all the time. 

Last week I did a 6 months postpartum blog where I kind of talked about a workout company I love. But I don't think I really told you how I feel about this company. Fabletics....I am so in love with them. I love the way their pants feel on me. I have been super sick so working out hasn't been in the cards for me, but when I finally went on a walk last week, I never felt more comfy. They are really snug, but not in a bad way. In a "hold you in" kind of way. In a "I won't let your butt jiggle" kind of way. In a "you look fit" kind of way. Sometimes tights can show all your flaws and then there's them. But not only do I love their pants, their tops and sports bras are just as wonderful! Just really make sure you know your dimensions when you order. I didn't read it correctly and ordered a size too big. But the return process was amazing. They sent me a pre label ticket. I loaded the sports bra back in the bag, addressed it with what they gave me and put it in my mailbox. As soon as the USPS scanned it, they sent me an email saying they were shipping me my new sports bra. So there's no waiting for them to receive it and all that. As soon as their records show that its in route, you get the next one. It's $50+ a month and if there is a month you want to skip, you just let them know by the 5th of each month and you aren't charged. 

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots. I love this song so much. It is exactly how I feel some days. Don't get me wrong, I love being a grown up. I love being able to make my own decisions and all that. But there are some days I wish I could just go back to where nothing really mattered. And this song reminds me of that. 

The Cartwheel app for Target. I have saved so much money just by having this app. It's free to download. All you do is find products that week they have on sale, the app tells you and you add it to your barcode. Then when you check-out, you show them the barcode, they scan it and it adds your savings. One trip alone I saved close to $30, just by having the app. 

So I was using The Bullet to make Brody's baby food but it was giving me problems so I knew I needed to start looking for a new blender. So I got on my Target cartwheel app, searched blenders and low and behold, they had 20% off Black and Decker Blenders. So I loaded Brody up and went to Target. After looking through them all, I found the one I wanted. It was $50, then I had 20% off that plus I have a Target card so I got another 5% off that. I love my new blender. It works so well. It also came with a smaller container for making smoothies. I got the Black and Decker Fusion Blade and for the price, it works amazing. No, it's not a Vitamix but for $37.50, you can't go wrong! 

If you think there is something I would love or need to try, let me know!