Thursday, December 4, 2014

It looks like Christmas threw up in my house and I love it!

I love Christmas and I love decorating. Which makes for a great combination this time of the year! Last Friday, B and I decided to go ahead and put our Christmas decorations up. I take care of the inside, he takes care of the outside. He gets all my stuff down for me and then leaves me alone. It is much simpler that way. He does assemble my tree for me first before he hands it over to me. I don't like a lot of things. I like my house to be simple. Christmas is so pretty but can easily go from elegant to cluttered, quick. And we don't even have children yet, so keeping it simple for now works.

What my house looks like before it all goes up. I try to keep it all organized when I take it all down, so the next year I can find what I am looking for easily.

Then B puts together my pre-lit tree and moves out the way. We decided to go with a pre-lit tree last year. They are just so much easier to put up and store. No strings everywhere, no light bulbs getting busted. I like to keep it easy and simple.

I like to do my mantel first. To me, its the best place to start. It doesn't take me a long time and I can do it while Bobby gets my tree together. I try to change it up a little each year, but keeping the same feel to it. I love Christmas lights on the mantel and I love greenery, so I always do that each year. And I love sparkly things so any touches of that I can throw in I do. And you will notice a pretty blue butterfly. That is my Maw-Maw butterfly. If you know anything about me, you know A) I lost my Maw-Maw a while back and consider her my guardian Angel and B) I love Butterflies. They are my quiet reminders of the good and beauty in this world, and they always seem to come to me at the worst times in my life. Reminding me that it's all going to be ok. So my mantel would not be complete without her. She might be in heaven but her spirit is always here!
And of course the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes the St. Nick soon will be there!

Then comes my tree. It takes me a good hour. I put my big red bow on top first. My big red bow is my FAVORITE Christmas tree decoration. If I could only place one item on my tree, it would be that!  Walgreens sales them btw. Then I wrap my tree in gold lace to give it that extra pop. Then come the ornaments. My favorite ones first, then all the rest.

Then I move over to my dining room table. I found these really cute dessert plates at Hobby Lobby one year and decided to decorate with them, instead of eat off them. The only time we eat off my dining room table is when we have guest over. Bobby and I tend to eat our dinner while we watch TV so I tend to go overboard on my table. Since I don't have to move it.

And then I am done. I told you, I don't do a lot. Just enough to make my house sparkle. By the time I am done, Bobby is usually done. He puts up our inflatables and puts lights on the house. It is just enough for me. I am not a big fan of inflatables on my lawn (like them on other peoples lawn) but he loves these so I don't argue. As long as I get my lights on the house, I am a happy camper. We have a bathing Santa who is on a device that makes his arm move up and down his back, like he's bathing. We have a shaking polar bear (he literally shakes) who acts like he is freezing. And then a cute little dog with a Santa hat on, cause we love dogs!

Stay tuned to tomorrow where I will show you my favorite ornaments and what they mean to me. The one's I am going to share will always go on my tree, unless they get stolen or massively broken beyond repair. Then I will be a big blubbery mess! They are the ornaments that will go high on my tree someday in the future so my small fingered children don't mess with them!