Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hallmark Commercial's are the best

Dear Diary,

Yay....I didn't get picked for jury duty! After a long time waiting, I was let go. Civic duty done for a few years!

Can you believe Christmas is in 9 days! That means 8 days left to shop. Or in my case, I start Christmas on the 23rd in my family because we have so many Christmases we do, so technically have 6 days to shop. We do 5 Christmases total. That's a lot! And that is not including just us being together Christmas morning. When we do have children, we will have 6! And I am not complaining. Luckily, we knocked out the shopping last Sunday so I am officially done!
I am a crier. Always have been. It's my emotion I show. Some people laugh, some people scream, some people get quite, I cry. Rather I am happy or sad, mad or glad, upset or just in a mood. I can't help it. And I have learned to just deal with it. So has Bobby. Song's make me cry the most. There are certain songs I can not listen too. Just cant. I am a huge blubbery mess and it's not worth it. Another thing that makes me cry, are Hallmark Commercial's. And this time of year, they are the best. They mostly have nothing  to do with Christmas, but I see them played more and more this time of year. I have rallied up my favorites. And before you ask, no I didn't watch them. I went to YouTube and typed in Hallmark Commercial's and just remembered the ones I loved, that made me tear up or had a special meaning to me. Ugh....my eyes get wet just thinking of these!

And those are just some of the classics. Hallmark gets me every time. I almost always have to change the channel when they come on. They just remind me of the good in the world. That the littlest things in the world can count; that something so small can give so much meaning.
Sorry if I made you cry, join the club!
Love, Me