Tuesday, December 9, 2014

He loves being surrounded by his girls. And why would he not.....?.....We are a lot of fun!

Dear Diary,

I am one lucky girl. I grew up with an amazing dad. A dad that took the time for his girls. A dad that gave us what he could, even in all those hard years. He never complained or showed us any less of a man that he was. When my sister was 15 and I was 11, he started this tradition of taking us shopping for our mom for Christmas. The 4 of us would go to dinner and then my mom would go back home and enjoy a quiet night to herself and dad and his girls would go shopping. That year was their 17th Christmas together so dad bought her 17 different things. It was so much fun. All the years of shopping for my mom with my dad and sister has never gotten old. We've gotten so many different things, eaten at so many different places, gone from ordering a water, to ordering a coke to ordering a bottle of wine. It use to be 3 of us, but now my sweet Lou gets to come along. Dad says any of his girls can come. So that means Hayden stays home and if I have all boys, then they stay home. It is what it is and I love it. My sister sent me pictures last night of ones she could find from us going. The early years we don't have because cell phones were a thing of the future, especially a camera on the phone. So she found what she could and here they are.

 2008- I was still in college and Kara was very pregnant with Landry. I love looking back at my hairstyles. I am so glad I have long hair now. Me and short hair just don't go hand and hand. My sister on the other hand can pull off short hair like no other!
2009- Bobby had not proposed to me yet, but little did I know, 4 hours later he would! What a day! This was an easy time with Landry. She just sat while we wheeled her around.
2010- And welcome to almost 2 years old Miss. Landry! Who knows what she was upset about but I love this picture so much. We were all doing our best to smile and poor thing just wasn't having it. Life of a toddler.
2011- No Landry in this photo for some odd reason. But I was a married women meeting up for the very first time. I had always rode with my dad but not this year. Oh look at the long flowing hair. Much better!
2012 we were in Disney and just did the shopping there and for some odd reason we did not get a photo from 2013. We did things different so maybe that was the reason. Kara and I could not remember why we didn't.
 And here we are to last night, 2014. Every year my mom always tells my dad to not buy her a lot or that they aren't buying each other gifts because of some reason and every year he just says "yes dear" knowing he will buy her something. Kara and I just laugh at the two of them all the time. They act like they are dating. They look at each other like they are dating. They flirt and laugh and kiss and set a wonderful example for Kara, Landry and I.
Thank you Dad for all the memories you have given us on this night. What you mean to Kara and I, could never be touched. You set an example of what a husband should be like and what a daddy should be like. You keep God always as the line leader of your life and are a constant reminder of the good God gives. You take care of us, you make us laugh, your rough and gruff tone is easily melted with a hug or an "oh dad!". Landry loves you to the moon and back and so do Kara and I. So just thank you dad, thank you for it all. Thank you for taking the time for your girls. You always say it's your favorite place to be, it's your heaven on earth. I am just glad I get to be apart of it. I love you!
Love, Me
P.S. I need a new coat! I didn't realize how old that black, puffy coat was until I saw it back in photos. Once you find a coat that works, I guess you hang on to it. Well in my situation, that is true.