Friday, December 19, 2014

He knew it was the only way I would say yes! :)

December 19th is a very special day to me. I have had 3 huge milestones in 5 years on this day. I always look forward to it because I never know what is going to happen.
5 years ago today, my sweet boyfriend asked me to marry him. I had spent the day with my family shopping, they of course knew what was going on, but to me it was just another normal day. I have told this story before so without going into a lot of details, Bobby showed up to my house with Sprinkle Cupcakes and had Will You Marry Me on them. That day, changed my life forever. What an incredible man I married.
4 years ago today, I became a God-Mother to the Weddel twins. Tiffany and Jason Weddel have been in my life for 9 years now. I met them through a mutual friend when she was looking for a nanny. And I became that nanny to her oldest Campbell. I stayed with them for over 3 years when it was time for Cami to go to school full time. But I remained like part of the family. Then when I found out she was pregnant again, but this time with twins, I knew it was my calling to be her nanny again. I did that all the way until I got married. But Tiffany asked me the December before I got married if I would be one of the twin's God-mothers. It was such an honor to be asked. I share the role with Heather Wu (who I adore just as much). Both Tiffany and Heather were in my wedding and both hold a very place in my heart. I don't get to see them as much as I would like, life always seems so busy, but my love for them always stays the same. They are my family, they were then and they will continue to stay that way as long as I live.
So I didn't really have anything the following 2 years that I could think of. I went back through my photos to see if anything big happened but I couldn't find anything.
Then last year, on this day, I found out Kristen was having a little girl! And that little girl has blessed me beyond. Billie Marie is such a dream and so sweet and my hummingbird. Kristen told everyone she was having a baby this way...
But she didn't tell us what she was having till her reveal party. Kent got to pull the string on a piƱata and pink stuff came flowing out. I had already guessed it. I could just tell she was having a girl. But to still have my feelings be true was such a great feeling.  
So what will today hold for me (besides a stuffy nose, cough, sore throat and sneezing). I don't know. But this is a very special day to me and will forever go down as one of my favorite days of the year.