Friday, December 5, 2014

It's funny how Christmas ornaments can hold so many lasting memories!

Yesterday I told you I was going to share some of my favorite ornaments I put on my tree. I don't put that many ornaments. I don't like it to look cluttered. I like it to look neat and in order. With that said, lets begin!
When I lived at home with my parents, I use to have a tree in my room. It was a 5 foot tree and I would decorate it every year in shoe ornaments. It was my shoe tree. It was covered in pink lights (of course) and all the ornaments were shoes. In the move to my new home, some of them didn't make it. But it was ok, because my favorite ones did. People would bring me shoe ornaments they found. My shoe tree was quite popular. I believe at one time, the most I had was 50 different shoe ornaments! Here are my favorite ones that I always put on my tree!

My favorite shoe.....My glittery pink high top Converse. Now, if I could find these in my size, I would be one happy lady!


My next ornaments are from Disney. My side of the family loves Disney. We try to go every other year but sometimes it just doesn't work. One day, I will show you all my Disney pictures. They are fabulous. And when they say it is the happiest place on Earth, it really is. That's why I love these so much. They remind me of my Dad, Mom and sister and it just warms my heart. We've had some of the best times in Disney so these ornaments mean a lot. I do only have 2 because if you go at a certain time of the year, they are harder to find. And I didn't realize how much I loved them till a few years ago. But I will collect them from now on.  

So Minnie and Mickey use to sit on top of the 09-10-11 ball but they some how separated themselves from each other, but neither one broke so I just made them 2 different ones.

When Bobby and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon, he asked me what I wanted to bring home as our souvenir and I told him a Christmas ornament. It's easy to pack and can still bring so many memories. So I let him pick it out, and it actually means more to me that he did. It has sand and shells and a sand bucket in it.

I am not sure where this next ornament came from. And I do apologize if you gave it to me. Please let me know if you did and I promise to never forget! Reason I love it so much is because it's really big. And has this gorgeous bow on it. Getting married has been my favorite day so far in my life and anything I can do to remember that day, I try to do. And it's little things like this that make me so happy.  

And last but not least, my light up gift box. There is this little switch inside that turns this light on and it changes colors. I found it a while back and have loved it ever since.
I just love coming home to my tree. It is my favorite Christmas decoration. I always love looking at other peoples Christmas tree. There is always a story and there is always those special ornaments that mean the most.