Wednesday, December 17, 2014

If I could afford it, I would have a farm full of dogs and live happily ever after!

So you love your dog as much as I love mine and if that is the case, then you love to give them treats. But sometimes, dog treats seem so boring so you want to give them a bite of human food. Or you have that dog that stares you down while you eat, looking like he hasn't eaten in days and makes small gestures to remind you that he is there! But do you really know what is safe for your dog to eat? Before you give over your fully loaded pizza to your best pooch, here is a list of things to stay away from in order for your dog to live a long healthy life.
Avocado- has a substances called Persin. Harmless to humans who aren't allergic but in large quantities, can be toxic to dogs.
Alcohol- has the same effect as it does on humans but acts much quicker on them. Can cause vomiting, heart problems and even can result in death.
Onions and Garlic- can cause your dog to have anemia, even the smallest amount. It destroys their red blood cells. I always knew onions were very toxic for dogs.
Caffeine- in large quantities can be very fatal. Can cause heart attacks and rapid breathing.
Grapes and Raisins- cause kidney failure and even the smallest amounts can cause illness.
Dairy products- can cause diarrhea and stomach aches
Macadamia nuts- as few as 6 of these nuts can make a dog sick
Candy and Gum- can cause your dogs blood level to drop which can result to liver failure.
Chocolate- can lead to vomit, diarrhea and excessive thirst.
Fat trimmings and bones- can cause pancreatitis and even though you might want to give a dog a bone, they can choke on it and it can also give them splinters in their digestive system.
Any fruit that has a pit/seeds- the fruit itself is ok but the pit/seeds are not. Make sure you throw it away or the pit/seeds can cause inflammation in the small intestines.
Raw eggs and raw meat- can cause skin problems and food poison
Salt- can lead to extreme thirst and sodium ion poisoning
Sugar- can lead to obesity, diabetes and dental problems, just like humans.
Yeast dough- if you like to bake your own bread, make sure your dog doesn't get a hold of the raw stuff. It can expand in their stomach like it does normally. If they eat to much, it can cause death due to their tummy getting to expanded.
Your medicine- I don't know why you would give your dog your cold medicine, but in the off chance you want to, don't do it. It can cause great harm to them.
Random things in your pantry like- Baking powder, baking soda, nutmeg, spices, etc. Just keep things up from your dog.
So you say "I really want to give my dog a treat but you just told me I practically cant give him anything!" Here are some safe dog treats you can give him:
Lean meat- make sure it is cooked properly. Just like you, he needs it cooked to at least medium.
Fresh fruit- just no seeds/pits. The actual fruit part is really good for them.
Carrots, green beans, zucchini and cucumbers as well as cooked potato/sweet potato.
Cooked white rice and pasta- white rice and boiled chicken are great for dogs who have had an upset stomach. Instead of giving them their normal dog food plain, mix a little in and it will help coat their stomach.
Fresh bread- who doesn't like fresh bread!
Honey- only a small amount. No more than a 1/2 teaspoon a day. Good for dogs with allergies. Just make sure you buy local honey for it to have an effect on the allergy part.  
Cheese- just don't over do it or they will become constipated. And yes I know cheese is a Dairy product, but it seems to be the only one safe enough for a small taste.
If you aren't sure if what your dog ate is safe, please don't hesitate to call Poison Control at 888-426-4435 and tell them what they ate. They will instruct you on rather they are ok or if you need to take them in.  
Also, when it comes to their dog food, really make sure you know what you are buying. Read the labels. Research the company.  A lot of cheap brands do animal testing or grow their food in a plant rather than grow fresh food and use that. Because we do want to keep them safe and healthy. They give us so much joy, so its only fair we take good care of them!