Monday, December 8, 2014

Wrapping Paper ideas for Christmas

What a weekend! Bobby and I actually had a Saturday to ourselves. Not that we don't love being with family or friends, but it was so nice just the two of us and nothing planned. We slept in, had breakfast together, he went to the gym while I tidied up and finished reading my book and then he got back home and we decided to go Christmas shopping. And we got 3/4 done. It is such a relief to be almost done. Christmas is in 3 and 1/3 weeks but it's going to come so fast!
One of my favorite things to do is wrap. I love wrapping Christmas gifts. I love making them so pretty. Wrapping gifts really feeds my artistic side and Bobby doesn't complain because he doesn't have to do them. I love going over the top on wrapping gifts too. I know there are some people I wrap for that don't care, like my nieces and nephews. So you wont ever see me wrap a gift for them with pretty bows and ribbon. It's usually just paper and maybe a to/from sticker. On theirs, I sometimes just write on the paper. I know it's trashy but they are all under the age of 6 and they just tear into anyways. But on the other people in my life (mostly the women), I try to make it so pretty! Big bows, ribbon, maybe an ornament or something cute. I went to Pinterest (because we all know how much I LOVE Pin) and found these awesome wrapping ideas I am going to try out this year. Not only do they look pretty when you give it to someone, but they look even prettier under your tree. I can't wait to start wrapping!
This looks easy. Brown paper sack wrapping, dark string, fake greenery, white paint and the end of a paint brush and a cute to/from card. Wrap the gift in paper sack wrapping, take the end of the paint brush and dip it in the white paint and put as little or as many dots on the paper. Let it dry and then add the ribbon, greenery and card. Done
For those creative children in your life.....sometimes waiting to open gifts can be torture! So give them something to do before they open their gift. They will have fun and not bug you that whole 15 minutes they have to wait!
Kent and Colton's school they attend always sells the best paper. And this year, they sold chalk paper. I bought 2 roles because I knew I would use it this year. The only problem with using chalk, is that it can rub off easy. So use a painter instead and get creative. Each one can be different. Like for my Landry bug, I might draw Peppa Pig on hers. And for Colton, I might draw Batman. And for my mom, maybe a Christmas tree. Or you can have your children draw on them for you.
Again, I love the brown paper bag look. It is simple and classic and can be for a female or a male. And then with their name simply written, just so elegant.  

Unless you are my friend Jasmine and have a weird thing towards cotton balls, this is such a cute idea. You just pull the cotton balls apart to make the fluff. They make large cotton balls and they come like 70 to a pack and its like $2! Pretty cheap and cute decorating.
 I know a lot of people who like all of their Christmas gifts to look the same. This is a really cute and fun idea. Black and white go with anything. You can add any color to it to match. You can even do different color ribbon to give it an extra pop without changing the look from under your tree.
Again, black goes with everything. And no, it may not be the first color you think of when you hear Christmas, but its what you do with it that can make your present look Christmassy. Black and gold remind me of my Toy Tiger days so maybe that's why I love these colors so much. Go Irving Tigers!
Unless you are my family, this would be really cute. And by that I mean, we have so many D's, K's and B's in my family, I couldn't just put a B on it and know who it's for. But I could put an A and it be for Angie. Or for that friend you get a gift for, you could easily do this. You can even cut out the name with paper and glue it on. Doesn't have to be complicated.
I love this. It's so simple but so elegant. It all matches without matching. I love those snowflakes and they could easily become an ornament for someone's tree. Just tie clear string to the end and bam. You can find these at Hobby Lobby or any place that sells Christmas things. It's all about being creative with the things you find.
                                                              So unless you don't have dogs, this could work. Or just wait to put the candy on them till when you leave. Such a simple and cute idea for children. And you don't have to use white paper. Any paper would go, especially when there is candy attached to it!

I love glitter. Any time I can decorate with glitter I do. And this is probably the cheapest way to get someone's name on the paper without it looking trashy. Elmer's glue and glitter! Done
                                         And this my friends is so something I would do. Anytime I can draw, I do. This would take the most time but be the most rewarding. That person is most likely not gonna want to open your gift after all that hard work. Outline it with a pencil first before you get the sharpie to it. And make sure you draw light enough to erase but dark enough for you to see.
In my next house, I will have a wrapping room. Full of paper and glue and tape and scissors and bows and ribbon and glitter and pens. And no more sitting down on the ground, braking my back wrapping 20 gifts in a row! Ugh. I will have a station for it all. And it will all be organized. But for now, it's a mess and the floor and the hour I spend trying to walk my back out after I get up.
Also wanted to let you know that I started a new party on my Younique page. You are just in time to order and get it in by Christmas. Younique makes a wonderful gift for all those special people in your life. Rather it be the 3D mascara or a fun eye pigment color for your girlfriends. Younique has it all. Anyone who makes a purchase in this party will receive either a free eye pigment with any $40 purchase or a free lip-gloss with any $50 purchase. Party ends Saturday, December 13th at midnight. So make sure you get your orders in. If you do qualify for the freebie, I will reach out to you after I have seen you bought.

Happy Monday