Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Christmas Story- Scene 2 & 3

Growing up, we always did my Grammy's house on Christmas Eve at like 1 or 2 in the afternoon and then get ready and go to First Irving for candlelight service. And I always loved it. But after Bobby and I started dating, his family would do Christmas Eve with his dad's side and it got really complicated trying to do both in one night. Since I was still so new in Bobby's family (knowing they weren't going to change their night), I asked my family if we could move Grammy's to Christmas Eve Eve so we would actually have more time together. I was already missing out on candlelight service due to Bobby's side, so that wasn't an issue for me. Everyone loved the idea, so Grammy's night became Christmas Eve Eve and we get to spend as much time as we want there. Then Christmas Eve is with Bill's sister's.
You have to understand something, I had the flu this year. Got it really bad the Sunday before Christmas and didn't feel like myself till the Friday after. I am still trying to get over it as we speak. So with that said, I didn't take much photos. I was way to tired and completely out of it from the medicine so you will notice I mainly took photos of the niece's/nephew's. Which in my book is the best but in the large picture of life, I wish I had captured more family members. Oh of an Aunt!  
All the presents!
Hayden loves his picture taken. As soon as I put it in his face, he poses. Maybe he inherited a little modeling from his Uncle B!

I always try to capture the moment's people show love, without trying to show love. I am such an observer (Bobby tells me I people watch WAY to much) but I always love finding small moment's between people. Like this. Everyone else was doing their thing and I look over and see her reading to her daddy. These are the moment's me and my camera live for.

See......little moments!

Growing up, Kara and I loved Pretty Pretty Princess. I usually never ended up the Princess (go figure) but who needs a crown anyways! Landry loves it and every time she goes over to my Aunt Diane's house, my cousin Stephanie brings it out for her (Aunt Diane kept all those years) and she play's with it. I don't know if you know but you can not buy the original Pretty Pretty Princess game (unless you want to try to buy it off eBay). So what did Stephanie and Aunt Diane decide to do? They wrapped up her original game and gave it to Landry for Christmas. I was almost in tears when she opened it. It doesn't mean much to Stephanie anymore but it means everything to that little girl.

So on Christmas Eve night, we went over to Billy and Kristen's for a Mexican feast dinner and to see Bill's sister Lori. Bill has 2 sisters, but Cindy couldn't make it down this year. But again, it's all children. I just can't help it. My camera is drawn to them.

These are the best tamale's in the world. I had them at my wedding, I love them that much. One of Bobby's oldest friends he grew up with, Elizabeth Plimmer, has a company called The Tamale Company, and they are her's. I swear they are the best. Here is her website if you would like to order your own (and trust me, you do). Sometimes, she even has pumpkin tamales' and cinnamon apple tamale's but they are seasonal.

Then we proceeded to put them all in matching PJ's and take a photo. I love them all. I didn't get one of them all 3 looking at me but oh well. There were too many camera's going on and to have to try to stare at just one for any period of time is impossible.

I am off work Thursday and Friday and won't be blogging but will be back next Monday to continue My Christmas Story.
I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Years. See you in 2015! It's going to be the most wonderful year yet!