Monday, January 5, 2015

My Christmas Story- Scene 4 & 5

So here we are, actually on Christmas day. I do 3 Christmas's on Christmas day. The day starts at Bobby's grandmas, then we go over to Debbie's and then we go over to my parents that evening. I didn't get a chance to get any at Grandma's house. It's just so hectic and we are only there a short time. But I did snap a few at Debbie's house of the kids opening gifts.
Billie Marie has so many expressions. She can go from mean mugging you to the sweetest smile in 1 second flat. I never take the same picture of her. I just love her sweet face. Baby girl got so sleepy so what did this aunt do, snatched her from her momma, placed her on my chest, wrapped her feet around me and rocked her. I don't get moments like this much so I take full advantage when I do. She didn't sleep very long but it was ok, she was perfectly happy when she woke up. 

Debbie's grandma name is Grammy. (I have 2 Grammy's in my life...both so very different). Anyways, she really out does herself at Christmas for the kids. I think they had like 40 or 50 gifts a piece. She finds the littlest things and wraps them individually. And they both have the same number. They are so competitive that if one had one more than the other, a melt down would for sure happen. And she wraps each boys in different paper, so she knows who's belongs to who. 

This is where I grabbed Billie Marie and put her to sleep. So I didn't get a chance to take any more photos. But I didn't care. Since I was holding Billie, I couldn't open my presents. But don't you worry, Kent Samuel Lewis was on the job. He sweetly came over, and told me he would help me since I was holding baby sister. I wish I had gotten a photo of him helping me. He would open each gift, show me what it was and put it in a sack for me, so I wouldn't lose it. Then we had lunch, hung out for a little longer and then went home.   
 We grabbed the dogs (because they always go over to my parents when we go) and went over to my parents house for dinner and more presents. We usually eat, then do presents. But the kids are always so tired after dinner that presents turns into a cluster mess rather than being fun. So this year, we decided to do gifts first, then eat. And it was so much better.  

Hayden loves dogs. Landry loved dogs when she was his age so it makes me laugh how he inherited that too. It's in the Clemens' genes to love animals, so I am proud to say that Hayden got something from the Clemens side. He wants to lay on them and kiss them and pull their ears and just show love anyway he knows how. And he laughs while he does it. 

Watch out boys! Hayden is coming through

So it turns out, Landry had tonsillitis and double ear infections. We all knew she wasn't herself that night but we couldn't figure it out. Well the doctor the next day cleared it right up for us. Poor girl. She was miserable. And these photos just show it. I mean she is 5, a girl and takes after her momma so that could be the reason for the attitude but we will say it was the tonsillitis for her expressions. 

OMG....whenever I need a laugh I look at her face. "Like seriously Ninny, get that camera out of my face or you are going to regret it."
Ok, so maybe she takes after me instead. :) :)