Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Christmas Story told through Instagram

I failed to put any Instagram photos myself or a member of my family posted because there were so many good ones, that I had to make it it's own blog day.
My Christmas Story told through Instagram.

 So I bought chalk paper through the boys school and found chalk pens online. I knew I wanted to hand draw something for each child so that's what I did. Peppa Pig for Landry, Batman face and an angry bird for Colton, Batman symbol and a shark for Kent, a teddy bear for Hayden and a cupcake for Billie Marie. My Batman face came out the best in my opinion.

Prairie Lights! 


 I mean come on right! Look at these sweet faces. Perfection!
Bobby's Aunt Teri makes these hats. She is amazing!!!! We always tell her she could make a fortune selling these hats to people. She also made Billie's hat she has on in the background. I can't wait to have children of my own someday and see what she makes them! I just hope they are hat people like me and their dad.
Is it me or do I look just like my mother in this photo?
Before the madness and excitement of opening gifts. They are getting so big, makes me cry!

"Come here Aunt Dani....let me give you a big slobbery kiss" 
This photo is much better than what I got.
She got to ride with us to Clyde on Saturday. She was perfect. We colored, read, listened to music, talked, ate candy, talked some more and then on the way back, we both slept and let Uncle Bobby have some quiet time.
This is my FAVORITE picture of all. Tell me if you can spot Landry and you will know why its my favorite picture. Poor thing just wanted to be included, even though we wanted a cousin's photo. And to me, Kara looks like she has extremely long arms, I am half asleep, Tim can barely be seen, both Bobby and Brett's face looks a little squished, Chase thinks he is the star of the family being front and center like that and both Frosty the Snowman and Landry are photo bombing us. But that is what makes it my favorite! :) :) :)