Thursday, January 29, 2015

The only time I don't fast-forward through the commercial's is in the Super Bowl

So if I asked you what your favorite part about the Super Bowl was...what would you say?
 I would tell you, The Commercial's!
Today I am showing you my top 10 favorite Super Bowl commercials that I love. Some make me laugh and some make me cry (to the point I can't watch them anymore because it just ends in me and the ugly cry).

Coming in at #10:
Britney Spears Pepsi Commercial-
Ok I don't care who you are, you all paused when this commercial came on. I have loved her since she first came out. She had it going on. They were brilliant in getting her to do this. Then she messed it up by drinking a can of Coke in public before her 1 year contract was up but whatever. She's hot, she can dance and I will always be a fan.

Coming in at #9:
Budweiser "Wasssup" Commercial-
So I wasn't a fan the first time I saw this but then I couldn't get it out of my head. To this day I still laugh at it. Everyone for a few years after this would walk around saying Wasssup to each other. It's annoying but in a funny way.

Coming in at #8:
Sketchers French Bulldog Commercial-
 Ok, you all know my love of French Bulldogs and my love of animals so this definitely falls into my top 10. It makes me laugh every time I see it running super fast and then moon walk over the finish line. And ending with Mark Cuban is just the cherry.

Coming in at #7:
E-Trade baby Commercials-
There are many commericals with the E-Trade baby. And I couldn't narrow it down so luckily I found someone else who loves them like me and put their favorites (which happen to be my favorites) into one.

Coming in at #6:
Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial-
Ok so this is a classic. If you don't like this one, get off my blog. Pepsi knows how to get the lady's. She is so pretty and I love the car. And the little boys in this are what any boys would do if they ever saw her. Except in the commercial they are excited about the new Pepsi can that has just came out.

Coming in at #5:
Bridgestone's Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Commercial-
This commercial I love so much! She nags and nags at him for everything but then when her lips come off, her angry eyes come out. How many people can relate to this? Or wish their spouses lips could fall off for a few minutes to give you some peace and quiet?

Coming in at #4:
Coca-Cola Mean Joe Greene Commercial-
Ok so this classic you must have known would be on my top 10. Even though he is portrayed as mean to begin with, by taking the coke and guzzling it down, his spirit is shown after he drinks the coke and when he throws his jersey to the kid. Joe Greene is one of the top defensive lineman to ever play football. Making this commercial still so popular today.

Coming in at #3:
Budweiser "Brotherhood" Commercial-
This commercial makes me cry. Oh lord, I can't even see it. In a short story, the man raises this horse, sends him to be a Budweiser Clydesdale, finds out he is coming into town to march in the parade, the man goes into town to see the horse, the horse notices him and as the man is walking to his car the horse races after him to hug him. And now I'm crying. :...)

Coming in at #2:
Doritos "Hands off my Doritos" commercial-
How I love this commercial. It makes me laugh so hard every time. This little boy is classic and what I imagine all little boys who have single moms would do. But I am with him....."Keep you're hands off my mama and keep your hands off my Doritos"!

And coming in at #1:
Budweiser "Puppy Love" Commercial-
Like you already didn't know this was #1 for me. Even my dog Dash loves it. I could watch this commercial every day and never get tired of it. Makes me want a farm full of puppies though!

 And this year the puppy gets lost.....I already warned Bobby I will have to watch this years commercial at home when I can do the ugly cry ALONE, while I hold my dogs in my lap and have them lick my tears as I watch it over and over again.
Are you're top 10 in my top 10?
Is there one you think I should have in my top 10?
What commercial are you looking forward to this year?
Aren't you glad that they pulled the GoDaddy commercial this year?
I am taping the Super Bowl this year and will re-watch all the commercials and make a list of all my favorites and have them for you next week. Would love to hear feedback about the ones you love that you see Sunday night. I will be doing the post on Wednesday, you have till then to let me know what you loved.