Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I could eat pizza anytime of day!

Dear Diary,

I am so excited. I heard yesterday some great news. Pizza Hut is now offering a gluten free pizza! Pizza is one of my favorite things to eat but I am always limited to where I can go. Around me, I can go to IFratelli's in Las Colinas and I can go to Fireside Pies in Grapevine. Which by the way, they both make AMAZING gluten free pizza. I actually prefer the crust over regular crust any day. It's thin, it's light and its super crispy! Dominos has a gluten free option but I don't like it. So I was excited when I heard that Pizza Hut has an option now. I follow Udi's on Instagram and they were the first to announce it. So I raced over to the website to check it out. It does start at $9.99, which is great but I do have to note that Dominos does start at $7.99 but for an extra $2, I would still go with Pizza Hut because I know the brand of crust they are using. Now if Papa John's could jump on board (they have my favorite garlic dipping sauce) and if they all could figure out a way to come up with gluten free breadsticks, this pregnant chick would be one happy momma!

Oh and don't forget, the Super Bowl is this Sunday so if you have a friend who eats gluten free, this would be nice treat for them to have for the game. A way for them to join in on the fun and not feel left out cause they can't eat pizza.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the website for more details

Bobby has a guys weekend this weekend so you can guess what I will be doing Friday night. Ordering me a gluten free pizza with extra pepperoni and banana peppers and drinking a root beer (cause I can't have regular beer or cider). And renting a movie on Redbox! Now....just need to decide what to rent. Brad Pitt's Fury just came out this week but I might get yelled at by the hub's for seeing that without him (but he has left me for the weekend and I have to go to the doctor by myself and look away when they get to gender reveal section so maybe I just might stick it to him and rent it) or it just might be Boyhood instead, which looks amazing and won many Golden Globes. Decisions decisions.....
(and now I'm starving! #pregnantgirlproblems)
Love, Me