Thursday, January 15, 2015

I like to spoil them and then give them back.

I sometimes get in these moods where I really miss my sweet kiddos. And by kiddos I mean Landry, Colton, Kent, Hayden and Billie Marie. And whenever I get in this mood, I tend to text each sibling, or go to Facebook/Instagram and ask for/look at a photo. Just seeing their smiling face makes my heart so very happy. You already know this but being an aunt is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. And it's super easy when you have as great of kiddos as the ones I got.
So today's blog is pretty simple. Just some updated photos to make you smile.
Fun fact about Landry- She now has lost her 2 front teeth. I haven't heard her yet but I bet she is talking pretty funny. She has the biggest smile and seeing it lights my heart. And I just found out she has her first official crush on a boy in her class that she likes to rub in her daddies, her pop's and her bumba's face. Landry will do anything for a laugh. She likes to be center of attention (on her terms) and if she can get a response, especially from my dad, her pop, she will. She is also drawing on everything. Kara says she finds Landry's name on everything in the house. I was just like that as a child. I still am like that. 
Fun fact about Colton- he is the pickiest eater but loves to cook! Angie is always showing us how he loves to be in the kitchen. Now if he only ate what he made, he would be the most diverse eater ever. I'm hoping soon he will cook me something to eat. I am dying to taste something he has made. And then I will have to chase him to get a hug and a kiss for him to just wipe it off. And then I will have to catch him again and over load him with kisses that he cant wipe off. It's a fun game we play.  

Fun fact about Kent- he is a mover and shaker and goes goes goes all the time but as soon as he sits in the barber chair to get his hair cut, he is a stiff as a board. He will be talking and running around but as soon as he hops in that seat, he becomes a statue. I am dying to go one of these days to see him that still. And so I can secretly take photos of his face. Have you seen his eyelashes and lips? They are gorgeous and it's not creepy because I am his aunt!

Fun fact about Hayden- He is talking up a storm. Kara said he is saying bear, ball, bye bye, hi, good (which means food), mama, dada, seeter (sister) and digel (their dog Angel). (We really need to be working on Dani/Ninny!) And he is also shaking his head no when he really doesn't want to do something. He has always had a sweet personality and he is one of the most laid back babies I have ever come across so I love seeing him come out of his shell a little. He likes to dance to music, he has one move but he has mastered it. 
Fun fact about Billie Marie- she is army crawling and can not be stopped. Kent is really good about keeping his eyes on her because he tends to move with her. If she gets stuck somewhere, best believe he will get to her first. She is really starting to eat and every time she gets around Aunt Dani, she tries a new thing. One time it was beans, one time is was mashed potatoes. Soon it will be chocolate (sorry Kristen). Her favorite thing right now is chicken/sweet potatoes (2 things I hate). Her first word is dada but I am working on Dani/Ninny. Whichever she wants to call me. And she is really starting to smile for photos.
 I have such a soft spot for these kiddos. Luckily there is such a thing as Facebook and Instagram and smart phones that allow me to keep up with them. I don't know how people did it back in the day. I go crazy in just a week not seeing their perfect faces. They are loud, crazy, annoying, talk to much, scream all their words, have food on their face, dirty their clothes, cry, whine, and love ME with their whole heart and I wouldn't change it for the world!